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Weekend Plans With Fantasy Footballers' Andy Holloway

Holloway (r) and the Fantasy Footballers record their podcast five days a week August-December
Photo: the fantasy footballers

Over the past five years, ANDY HOLLOWAY has seen his dream become a reality. In ’14, he and Fantasy Footballers co-Founders MIKE WRIGHT and JASON MOORE launched their podcast, which has since grown into a touring product that regularly tops Apple’s fantasy downloads in the U.S. This week, Holloway and his co-hosts traveled from Phoenix to L.A. for a Saturday live show at Largo at the Coronet. Holloway to his credit still can’t believe a crowd of around 400 will turn out to see he and his buddies talk shop. “We know that people are downloading and listening, but when you can meet them in person, it’s a very rewarding experience. It’s really humbling to know that this stupid fantasy football show is a positive influence in their lives and they enjoy their day because of it. We have a lot of fun with it and are super thankful for the opportunity to do something we never could have imagined 6-7 years ago.” Holloway took THE DAILY through what it will be like covering training camp this weekend.

TRAINING CAMP COVERAGE: We’re trying to bring the best analysis to our listeners on a daily basis. We spend most of our day monitoring beat writers and monitoring breaking news. Each morning we have a show-doc that we build out to prioritize the most important stories and items. Our podcast jumps to five days a week from August to December, so we’re walking in the door about 7:45am and recording for about an hour. Then as soon as that’s in the can, our team gets to work on getting the audio posted and video edited. This time of year is pretty crazy because we can record in the morning but then 5-6 big stories will break and we’ll need to either comment on social or get it in the next day.

EXPERT OPINIONS: Without teams in camp and being able to see guys on the field, you just don’t know if the narrative you’ve been pushing all offeason will come true or not. You have to allow your narrative to change because new information means a new decision. August is very fun because from September to December, a lot of our content is written for us so to speak with games taking place. But this month as we move into five days a week, we’re creating show content from the ground up. It’s the most intense it can be for us.

IN THE MEANTIME: We’re on the road Tuesday-Sunday this week. Then as soon as I get back it’ll be school starting for the kids. I’m excited to be in town for my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. Our boys are also starting second and fifth grade, respectively. Most of my weekends are focused on just having good times with the kids. My boys definitely love my job, but they’re more into it when our sponsors send us free things from time to time. They’re big fans of a package arriving at the house -- especially if it’s a food or tech product.

THOUGHTS ON THE LIVE SHOWS: The energy is huge. It’s so cool to be with people who have built this relationship with us over years of listening. It’s 350-400 people who are all so excited about fantasy football. It’s great to connect and hear stories about their respective leagues, but also put faces to the numbers.    

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