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Volume 26 No. 202
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Going Off The Grid: Execs Talk Influential Figures, Movie Genres

"Going Off The Grid" is a weekly survey of sports execs and personalities offering their thoughts on a handful of pressing (and trivial) issues in sports and pop culture. This week, our panelists give their thoughts on general alcohol sales at college games and what their favorite movie genre is.

  • SMAC Entertainment co-Founder & Partner Constance Schwartz-Morini
    -- She is currently interested in the mainstreaming of cannabis.
  • MLS Senior VP/Partnership Marketing Jen Cramer
    -- Her favorite dog breed is a Tibetan Terrier.
  • Conference USA Assistant Commissioner for Sports Services Kelly Gatwood
    -- Likes to watch "Lion King" and ABC's "The Bachelor." 
  • CMO Scott Bush
    -- Enjoys hiking around Oregon.
Going Off The Grid

Favorite movie genre? Alcohol sales at college games are ... MMA or boxing? Most influential sports figure you have met? Last place you went for the first time?
Drama/Crime/Suspense -- Love a good thriller!
A right of passage
Michael Jordan
Israel -- Highly recommend it once for everyone!

Why not sell alcohol in a controlled environment?
The Great One -- Wayne Gretzky
Saint George Bistro in Hastings-On-Hudson
Romantic comedy
An opportunity
Jennie Finch
Decatur, Miss., for a wedding...interesting!
Slow-paced dramas -- "Good Will Hunting," anyone?
A no brainer
Nike's Mark Parker

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