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WNBA Focused On Current League Makeup, Not Toronto Expansion

The WNBA cited a focus on the overall health and competitiveness of the league in turning down Toronto

The WNBA at this point "doesn't seem" to be "willing to grant" an expansion team to a bid group in Toronto, according to Steven Loung of A league spokesperson said, "Toronto is a terrific market and we appreciate the interest in the WNBA. However, the league's main focus right now is the overall health and competitiveness of our existing 12 teams." But Loung noted the WNBA Toronto group "views this differently," citing an announcement last week of the "most expansive WNBA television coverage ever in Canada as evidence their bid is legitimate." WNBA Toronto co-Founder Daniel Escott said, "We're confident that our team, along with the incredible team of partners we have supporting us, is the right team to bring the WNBA to Toronto." However, Loung noted until those anonymous partners become public, there will "remain an understandable amount of skepticism surrounding this bid" (, 6/30).

NOT QUITE READY: In Toronto, Doug Smith wrote until the WNBA "gets a new CBA with its players," the "last thing anyone needs is a new franchise that can't make a go of it over the long haul." Smith: "There's no question about the league being popular and I do think they'd sell more than a few tickets here but until the long term picture is clear, I don't see anything happening." The WNBA has to "get its house in order before it can even consider expanding or having yet another franchise move" (, 6/28).