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A Day In The Life With SiriusXM's Jim Duquette

JIM DUQUETTE’s busy schedule as host of “Power Alley” on MLB Network Radio gets even busier 50 days per year, as the former Mets GM works double duty with SNY on the Mets' pregame and postgame shows. On his way to catch a train to N.Y. from his home near Baltimore, Duquette took some time to speak with THE DAILY about what a typical day looks like for him.

7:00am: I get up and basically start the prep for the show. I do some light prep, eat a little breakfast, just kind of ease my way into the morning. I’ll turn on MLB Network to see what happened the night before.

7:15am: I look at the guests we are supposed to schedule. For example, today we had ANDY GREEN, the manager of the Padres, and BOB MELVIN, the manager of the A’s. I’ll try to dig in if I didn’t see any of their games recently -- see what they’ve done, whose been playing well for them, where their struggles have been and the most recent highlights on TV. Then I can come up with some questions that are pertinent to their team and match what the producers have put together.

10:00am-1:00pm: I was doing the show from my house today. I go down to my home unit and get right into the show. We have a pretty detailed rundown like most of our shows on the channel do. For each segment, we’ve got a topic with the bigger topics at the top and bottom of each hour. We tend to run those a little longer. There are some segments that are unique to our show to kind of bring out our personalities too. Basically, we do that, we sprinkle in a couple of guests along the way, and the show is over at 1:00.

1:05pm: I’m scrambling to catch a train to N.Y. I get on at Baltimore Penn Station. It’s a really cool building. I’ll jump off at Newark and take the PATH train, which lets me right off at World Trade Center. It gets me there a little quicker than taking the train into N.Y. Penn and riding the subway downtown. It’s a two and a quarter ride. I’ll eat lunch on the train.

2:00pm: For the Mets' pregame show, we have a meeting around 3:30 at SNY’s studios at 4 World Trade Center. So, I’ll ride up there for that meeting while I prepare analysis for video segments during the 30-minute show. I do all my prepping on the train, which is fine. That’s why I take the train. It’s a nice reprieve. I could drive it, but it’s just more stressful.

Duquette (l) spends three hours every day on the air hosting "Power Alley" on MLB Network Radio

4:30pm: During the afternoon or the Mets game itself, I’ll also be looking at not only that game but the games for tomorrow, so I do some advanced prep which saves me a little bit of time in the morning. But if I don’t have the time, I just do it the next morning.

6:30pm: The pregame show for a 7:00 game starts. Tonight happens to be a 7:20 start, so we’re gonna be doing a 40-minute pregame, so a little longer -- starting at 6:30 and running until 7:10-7:15, at which point we’ll hand it off to GARY COHEN, KEITH HERNANDEZ and RON DARLING. The game’s in Atlanta tonight, so there’s varying start times when it’s on the road.

7:15pm: Generally, I’ll try to eat dinner after the pregame show is over, right before the game starts. There’s like a 10-minute window. I run out, find something nearby to bring in, and eat it while I’m watching the game. That’s standard for dinner when I’m doing the Mets games.

7:25pm: Basically, I'm watching the game, doing analysis of the game and checking out some highlights for the post-game show when we’re going to be doing video analysis. I do about 50 games for SNY. TODD ZEILE does the others. He’s the primary guy, I’m the secondary. There might be two games a year where I do it from Citi Field.

10:30pm: It’ll be a long day. It’s a rough time frame for these post game shows. They’ve been averaging around 30 or 40 minutes depending on if it’s a win or a loss. If it’s a good night and the game goes three hours, probably looking at between 11:30-12:00. If the game goes extra innings, all bets are off.

11:30pm: Get out of the SNY studios and get to a hotel for lights out, and then we’ll start it back up again tomorrow.

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