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Campaign Of Many Colors: Canucks Plan 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Canucks will roll out visuals incorporating the various blues, reds, yellows and greens from their jerseys
Photo: Canucks

The Canucks this coming season will use a "rainbow of colours in the advertising campaign that will help drive" the celebration of their 50th anniversary of entry into the league under the tagline "colourful past, bright future," according to Patrick Johnston of the Vancouver PROVINCE. The team will roll out "visuals that incorporate the various blues, reds, yellows and greens the Canucks have used on their uniforms" since '70. The team last week "introduced the four sweaters they’ll wear in games" over the course of the season. Other jerseys from the Canucks' "historical stable will also make appearances in pre-game warmups." Beginning with Friday’s NHL Draft and "then in full on June 25, the rest of the Canucks’ campaign to celebrate their history will be rolled out to the public." There will also be "theme nights throughout the season, one or two per month," as well as nights to "recognize the great teams of earlier this decade" (Vancouver PROVINCE, 6/19).

SWEATER SWAG: In Vancouver, Aleesha Harris noted the collection of Canucks jerseys for the team's 50th season "includes four styles, each one different -- to a varying degree." However, each one is "also decidedly familiar." Canucks Sports & Entertainment Art Dir Max Young said, "We’ve tried to keep it as true to our current identity and to our past as possible for the 50th. We didn’t think it was appropriate to introduce a new mark for this. And we didn’t think it was appropriate to mix different eras." The now-familiar orca crest "remains the prominent feature of the home-and-away jersey design." But fans "will notice one major element is missing." The bold-face type "displaying the team’s hometown is history." Young said that the move is an "attempt to foster feelings of inclusivity within its fanbase." Meanwhile, Harris noted the Canucks fan-favorite "Black Skate" jersey is "back by fan vote and will be worn by the players for three games" in the '19-20 season (Vancouver PROVINCE, 6/14).