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Weekend Plans With Echo Fox President Jared Jeffries

Jeffries has been working on finalizing Echo Fox' League of Legends Championship Series roster

The world of esports has burst onto the scene across the sports industry in recent years, but former NBAer and front office exec JARED JEFFRIES saw the writing on the wall much earlier than most. Jeffries wrapped up his playing career in ’13 after a stint with the Trail Blazers, but he didn’t stay free for long. By the end of ’13, Jeffries had accepted a position with the Nuggets in their personnel department, and even landed a fishing show on the Outdoor Channel. But four years after rising through the Nuggets’ front office, Jeffries pivoted to lead RICK FOX’ Echo Fox esports organization, accepting the role of president. He talked to THE DAILY about going from Colorado winters to an office in Beverly Hills, how he balances family time with work demands and just what he gets up to on the weekends when time allows.

ON HIS DESK: We’ve been working on finalizing our League Championship Series roster, so it’s getting everything taken care of for that, mostly getting the contracts done. We’re also looking at different options if we do need to fill a roster spot here or there down the line. Then I have two small children, so I’ve been planning out things around a weekend basketball game for my 9-year-old and then my little one has a playdate. I love going to the games, I sit back, relax and do nothing. I just watch and let the coach coach.

THE AGENDAFriday afternoon I try to lock up anything for the weekend -- any kind of staff needs/meetings to be planned, things like that. Once the weekend comes I try to really let everyone enjoy it and not have to make calls. Saturday on a typical week we’ll have a game. I’ll get up and give everyone on the “League of Legends” side a call and make sure we’re all ready. We’ll get to Riot Studios around noon, and we may be there for hours depending on how the games are going. I’ll head home after that, but sometimes I'll setup dinners with potential partners and sponsors. Sunday I’ll get up, hang out with the kids and then get back to the studios a little later in the day for more games. 

LA LA LAND: We relocated to L.A. in July of last year, just because I think it’s a lot easier to work onsite than it is offsite. My kids wanted to live out here, too. We had some friends who really spoke highly of the L.A.-area. Then coming from Denver the weather was obviously a little bit of a break. A lot of times when different NBA teams come into town, especially the Nuggets, I’ll see a bunch of friends from back in the day. I’ll try to go to a Lakers game maybe once a month. Really on weekends I do a little bit of work early in the day, but then at night I love to have fun at dinners and really enjoy the L.A. scene.

LEBRON'S ARRIVAL: It’s unbelievable. I told everyone that as soon as he signed here things would change. Miami was already a vibrant kind of city, and when he went down there, it had an effect. And now he’s changed the atmosphere in L.A. Lakers games now are spectacles. Everyone wants to go and everyone wants to be a part of it.

IN THE MEANTIME: I’m huge into fishing, and hopefully I get to do a little more next year. TV-wise, my kids love to watch things like “DANCING WITH THE STARS” and “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” --the stuff we miss during the week when they have school work. So we’ll all sit down and watch it together on the weekends.

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