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Minding My Business With Pac-12 Networks Senior VP Art Marquez

Name: Art Marquez

Position: Pac-12 Networks Senior VP/Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Age: 50

Where I’m from: L.A.

Where I call home: S.F.

Focusing on right now: Expanding distribution, working with affiliates to market the network.

Marquez enjoys spending time outdoors, on the
beach, and cooking out with his family
Best advice: Whenever you make a mistake or misquote something, don’t lie about it and don’t try to get out of it. Admit to it and fix it. Be honest to your clients, so they know you have that integrity.

Exec I admire most: As far as time management and business, (Discovery Communications President & CEO) DAVID ZASLAV and (former NBCU President of TV Network Distribution) BRIDGET BAKER really taught me some great things on how to treat clients and how to get deals done. (Scripps Network President of Brand Outreach) SUSAN PACKARD, who worked with us in the early days, really taught us integrity.

A must for a new hire: I’m a believer in hiring people that are smarter than I am in their subjects. I know everything about TV, I know everything about cable and launching networks. I’m not as comfortable in the sports world for stats and players and calls and rules and regs of the sports. I always believe, everywhere that I've been, in hiring smarter people and promoting them so that one day they take over.

Best book I've read this year: I love biographies; I enjoy reading about people and books on achieving and self-help. But just to read a long novel right now, I just haven’t done it in two years. I’ve learned how to speed read. It’s been a really busy two years since we came here.

First thing in the morning: I pick up that awful iPhone that I don’t like. I miss Blackberry, I’m old fashioned. Then I turn on "GOOD MORNING AMERICA." I still get three newspapers a day, hard copies. I subscribe to the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and USA Today.

Talking tech: I think the iPad has been one of the best inventions, and I love my iPad. I do everything on iPad when I’m on an airplane or I’m on the road. I think the wireless technology through an iPad and what you’re able to do is wonderful. You don’t have to unload your laptop and all that, even though I still travel with it.

Must have music: I love Shazam. I’m a music junkie. If you look at my playlists, I have everything from ‘60s and ‘70s and ‘80s when I was growing up to country music and Spanish music, which I grew up with from my parents.

Food for thought: I love to barbecue. Having grown up in Southern California and then living on the beach -- I had a beach house on the East Coast -- I was always grilling. So I always had friends over and a lot of people and no one ever left hungry or thirsty.

How I unwind: I’m always out in the yard. Whether it’s pruning, or gardening, or painting the trims of the windows, I’m always out. I love just being outdoors. I’m a big beach person, I love being at the beach. I really enjoy being in touch with the outdoors.

Day in the life: We started with nothing, absolutely nothing. The conference had no assets for TV. At the NFL, at least we had the backbone and the infrastructure of NFL Films. With baseball, we started with nothing, but at least there was a little something there with MLB Productions. So here we literally didn't have anything. Having to go back to get video and tapes from schools and networks. There was no relationship with the actual cable companies in the past, so all of that is new to the conference.