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Volume 26 No. 227
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          The S.F. Chronicle sponsors the MLB Giants in a deal
     that "is one of many marketing and sponsorship contracts"
     the paper or its publishing arm, the S.F. Newspaper Agency
     (SFNA), has with Bay Area companies, teams, universities and
     community organizations, "aimed at promoting mutual business
     interests," according to S.F. CHRONICLE Managing Editor
     Jerry Roberts, who wrote on the relationship over the
     weekend.  Roberts noted that news coverage of events and
     organizations with whom the business side of the newspaper
     has "financial dealings" is one of the "pricklier problems"
     that editors face.  Roberts: "In making day-to-day newsroom
     decisions, therefore, we recognize and respect a natural
     boundary between the news and business sides of the paper. 
     We understand that it is essential to avoid conflicts of
     interest between our news coverage and the commercial
     interests of the newspaper.  That is why news judgments are
     made exclusively and independently in the newsroom, on
     behalf of readers.  It is also why we do not share revenues
     from our editorial products."  Roberts added, "Readers
     should know that the newspapers' deal with the Giants was
     negotiated by the promotions department and the SFNA,
     neither of which is directly involved in the editorial
     newsroom operations of The Chronicle."  The deal with the
     Giants includes signage, sales and promotions.  Roberts
     detailed the paper's coverage of Pac Bell's opening, as
     noted that the paper's reporters "have not only recorded the
     generally favorable reaction from the fans" since the
     opening, but they have also covered the "maddening lines and
     long delays" at vending stands and rest rooms, as well as
     the "complaints of some fans about the seats they purchased
     at great expense" (S.F. CHRONICLE, 4/9).  
          MOO-VING RIGHT ALONG: In CA, Dan Reed writes that the
     Giants are moving to address some of the early complaints,
     as staff has been added to "overworked" concession stands,
     menus have been "streamlined" to reduce fans' food-selection
     time and signs are being added and "leaflets will be passed
     out to direct fans to the less-used facilities" (SAN JOSE
     MERCURY NEWS, 4/10).  USA TODAY's Rod Beaton writes that the
     early reviews of Pac Bell "aren't just positive.  They're
     glowing."  But, Beaton writes that among the "minuses" for
     the 40,800-seat ballpark are parking for only 5,000 vehicles
     and an 80-foot "mock Coke bottle hoisted" in the stands in
     left field (USA TODAY, 4/10).  Giants season-ticket holder
     Ed Annunziata, on his seats at Pac Bell Park: "The seats are
     beautiful, but they're totally uncomfortable.  I thought it
     would be like I was flying business class.  It feels more
     like cattle class."  Giants VP/Consumer Sales Tom McDonald,
     on the team's seat-selection process: "We were after
     comfort.  But we were also after aesthetics" (Sam Farmer,
     SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 4/9).  There were "more than" 500
     credential applications for tomorrow's regular-season Pac
     Bell opening, "more than the number of media that covered"
     Game Three of the '97 Marlins-Giants Divisional Series at
     Candlestick Park (C.C. TIMES, 4/10).