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Volume 24 No. 155
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Podcast: This week's NHL Wrap-Around

Alex Silverman and hockey writer Ian Thomas talk about last weekend's NHL All-Star Game in Columbus as well as the World Cup of Hockey and the NHL's future participation in the Olympics.

Among the comments:

"Anybody who's a hockey fan knows that first-person view that you're going to get by attaching a camera to a player's helmet or their chest can really give you a good appreciation for the speed of the game, which I know the league itself really wants to show off."

"This is going to be their foray into reintroducing the game in Europe and other countries where it hasn't had as much traction. … Their hope is, 'We're going to kick this off in Toronto, you might see it in Europe the next time around.'"

"International hockey hasn't been a massive revenue stream for the NHL. The Olympic participation hasn't boosted their bottom line; this tournament will. The NHL and NHLPA own it and will see the revenue from it. It will be interesting to see whether this leads to the NHL abandoning its Olympic participation and whether the players feel strongly about continuing to participate."

"I don't think this lessens the chance they play in the Olympics. The player interest is there, and at the end of the day, if hockey grows, the NHL grows. Nothing draws more fans than the Olympics, for any sport."