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Volume 23 No. 38

Monday, December 7, 2020

Volume 23 No. 35

The people who influenced sports business in 2020

This year, there isn’t a No. 1 in our annual list. Those chosen are listed within categories, rather than ranked by level of influence, a nod to the twists and turns of 2020.

The NBA’s $900 million assist

The league will give each of its 30 teams a cash distribution of $30 million to bolster finances and protect against any potential liquidity issues caused by the pandemic.

Finance pros: Debt not a concern

Team owners in the major leagues are increasingly turning to debt financing, but finance sources say the long-term outlook remains strong.

49ers audible to make Arizona work

Santa Clara County put the San Francisco 49ers in new territory Nov. 28 when the county issued an extended ban on contact sports, a surprise that triggered a flurry of activity inside offices of the league, the Niners and the Arizona Cardinals.

Pandemic pivot: Executives start new businesses

Ingenuity is rising up for many people experiencing job challenges this year. Entrepreneurs and cast-asides have found their calling in technology, consulting and more.

Legends signs mega rights deal with Georgia Tech

In a rare move, the Yellow Jackets combined their traditional multimedia rights with ticket sales, marketing, fundraising, events, hospitality and e-commerce.