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New Voices Under 30: Zack Weiner

Photo: Nicole Sweet
Photo: Nicole Sweet
Photo: Nicole Sweet

Zack Weiner

Co-Founder and President, 

Age: 27
Born: New York
Education: University of Pennsylvania, economics and mathematics

About you

Most common misperception of your generation: That we only care about ourselves. I have been so delighted to see how many of Overtime’s fans (almost all Gen Z) love the content that we put out that is supportive of other athletes and fans.

Go-to person when you need help: My mom. Her ability to see both sides to each story and distill that into such emotionally intelligent advice is incredible.

In 10 years I hope to be … : Having a major impact on the lives of kids, hopefully still in sports!

I have to feel like I accomplished something every single day. It makes every day pressured, but I live for that.

In the Industry

Biggest surprise at career’s start: I was surprised how accessible influential people in the industry are if you have something interesting to talk about with them.

Most exciting aspect of sports business: The most exciting part of the business for me is the impact you can have on so many people, in an arena of their life that is so fun yet important to them. Sports is such a big part of so many people’s identities, and to be able to delight fans is a special feeling.

Questions for networking: I try to ask hyperspecific questions that only that person could answer. I’m always trying to learn something whenever I meet someone, whether it is a networking event or even just a party.

How should sports address social issues? Sports can be an amazing vehicle for change. We need to leverage all the positive things about sport — teamwork, passion, community, sacrifice, etc., into everything from individual acts of kindness to movements of social change.

Sports industry needs to do a better job of … : Understanding what the next generation of fans actually wants.