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New Voices Under 30: Nick Thimm

Photo: CAA
Photo: CAA
Photo: CAA

Nick Thimm

Executive / Agent, 
CAA Sports

Age: 28
Born: New York
Education: University of New Hampshire, B.S., hospitality management

About you

Could not go a day without: Mumford and Sons. 

Most common misperception of your generation: That we’re too dependent on technology to communicate. For me, picking up the phone to ask a simple question of a colleague or client and sending handwritten thank-you notes, are an absolute must and are something I have always done and will always continue to do. 

Go-to person when you need help: My assistant, Mike. He, like all of the assistants at CAA from across the different silos of business, is a rock star. The developmental process that CAA institutes is so hyperunique to breeding really capable young people and problem solvers. Having gone through the mailroom and assistant process myself, whenever there’s something internally or externally that I need Mike to dig in on with me, he’s ready, willing and beyond capable.

In 10 years I hope to be … : Continuing my work with the best team and best clients in the world.

Sports has become such a relatable platform to all — and with social media creating a platform for both athletes and executives, the ability to enact change and have a voice that can make a difference becomes so tangible.

In the Industry

Most exciting aspect of sports business: The level at which brand partners are integrating themselves into the business (across both properties and with talent) in comparison to the more traditional sponsorship of old. In esports and with our clients at Riot Games specifically, it’s been incredible to watch and be a part of. 

Questions for networking: One of my go-to questions is: Did you intern at MSG or CAA? Having interned at each, I know firsthand that the connectivity of both organizations is absolutely insane. If so, it leads to the fact that we likely have a mutual mentor in the business in either Paul Danforth, Mike Levine, Howie Nuchow or Scott O’Neil. … Paul, Vino, Howie and Scott are the sports industry’s take on the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Sports industry needs to do a better job of … : Embracing elements of themes of corporate social responsibility within its sponsorship platforms (especially as it relates to sustainability and protecting the planet).