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New Voices Under 30: Kevin Esteves

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Esteves
Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Esteves
Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Esteves

Kevin Esteves

Senior Director, Digital Content Strategy, National Basketball Association


Age: 29
Born: Brooklyn
Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.A., communication

About you

Could not go a day without: Time to reflect. In this industry, and in life in general, everything is moving so quickly. If you don’t carve out time to intentionally take a step back and recalibrate, you will be caught in the tailspin. 

Most common misperception of your generation: That we have short attention spans. The same generation that is portrayed as spending just one to two seconds scrolling through a social media post on Instagram is also the same generation that is spending countless hours binge-watching shows and content series on the likes of Netflix and YouTube.

Go-to person when you need help: My mother. She has been by my side throughout my entire life and has gone to extraordinary lengths to support me.  

In 10 years I hope to be … : Continuing to use basketball as a platform for positive change. That has been, and always will be, the anchor to my career. 

Sports have such a profound way of connecting us and impacting us. Having the ability to play a role in how sports — and sports content — evolves to make itself more accessible is a privileged position.

in the Industry

Biggest surprise at career’s start: How global the NBA’s footprint is, especially through social media. One of my first responsibilities was to live-tweet NBA games at night. It immediately became clear that the tweets I was crafting would be reacted to, commented on and shared all over the world within seconds. 

How should sports address social issues? The sports industry should embrace and celebrate the unique power of sports to make a difference in communities around the world. 

Sports industry needs to do a better job of … : Applying data analytics to inform key business decisions. We have seen how the introduction of advanced analytics has impacted competition and training components of the game, but there remains a significant opportunity to apply more rigorous and advanced data analysis to other parts of the sports business to unearth transformative insights.