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Volume 22 No. 2

Monday, September 3, 2018

Volume 21 No. 20

What — and who — to keep an eye on in the NFL

Madkour: After talking to more than 20 high-level sources connected to the NFL, the stories to keep the closest eye on include gambling, alignment, the national anthem, ticket sales, rules changes and much more.

Legal wagering upon us in the NFL

This coming weekend is the moment that many have eagerly awaited since the Supreme Court cleared the way for sports betting in May, the opening of the spigot on what has been the nation’s most-bet-upon sport.

A pitched battle of London fields

In the capital of England, an NFL owner wants to buy a soccer stadium, while the league helps build another facility with an eye on expanding its presence. Is the town big enough for the both of them?

PGA of America’s Waugh targets TV, HQ deals

Newly hired PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh steps into his new job with a critical early agenda topped by negotiating a new television deal and deciding on a new headquarters for the 29,000-member organization. His tenure officially begins Sept. 24.

Saban uses ‘Training Days’ to change Alabama narrative

While Nick Saban has earned a reputation for his singular focus and sometimes prickly demeanor, there’s a different side of college football’s most successful active coach that’s scarcely been exposed. His lighter side is exactly what cameras set out to capture during ESPN’s four-part series, “Training Days: Rolling with the Tide.”