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VSiN aims to take advantage of gambling shift

Media companies have been rushing to figure out how to profit from the U.S. Supreme Court’s May decision that allowed states to legalize gambling. I caught up with Brian Musburger, founder and chairman of VSiN, to ask him what he’s learned in the year-and-a-half that his sports gambling news network has been operating.


What’s the most popular programming on your service?

MUSBURGER: Several shows on other networks are getting into the sports handicapping space. That’s the least interesting conversation. There’s no more interesting conversation in sports betting than understanding the reasoning behind how are the lines set. One of the first things we did at VSiN is go after Jimmy Vaccaro, Chris Andrews and Vinny Magliulo — three guys who are true line originators. They are part of every one of our shows.


Are certain leagues more popular than others?

MUSBURGER: If there’s a way for the sports betting crowd to gain an edge, it doesn’t care what it is. If you have someone that’s really good at breaking down the WNBA, the sports betting audience is going to listen. We had a wonderful partnership with Monumental Sports and the Arena Football League, which is probably the most gambling friendly league that there is. Randall Boe, the commissioner, came to Las Vegas and really wanted our help in making sure that all the casinos in Vegas were paying attention to the Arena League and the ArenaBowl.


What did your Arena League programming look like?

MUSBURGER: We found some great handicappers that had been following the Arena League for many years. The league only had four teams, which made it easier for the handicappers. ... Handicappers knew what to look for. They kept saying that it’s all about the quarterback. Everything else doesn’t matter.

What’s an example of a more targeted show that you’ve produced?

MUSBURGER: After the first week of the World Cup, we saw how big the handle was on soccer betting in Las Vegas, so we decided to dedicate an entire 60-minute show to betting the World Cup.