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Power Players: Junior Gaspard

Photo: Robin Henson

Junior Gaspard

President and Chief Executive Officer


It’s now accepted industry practice that a ticket can do more than just provide basic venue access and include a series of mobile-based upgrades, even after an event starts. But a mere five years ago, that notion was still a long way from gaining full traction. Gaspard, one of the original employees for the Atlanta-based company, has been a key figure in establishing the notion of seat upgrades, as well as subscription-based ticket sales, and making both fundamental parts of how teams do business.

Tickets to success

What do you see as the biggest change coming to ticketing in the next year? 

GASPARD: The way the industry packages, prices and markets tickets will change dramatically through enhanced data and analytics and an emphasis on social platforms to market to unique fan segments. The one-size-fits-most approach is no longer working and fans are demanding flexibility and broader options with their ticket purchases.

What about for the next five years?

GASPARD: Subscription ticketing will dominate as the best way for teams and venues to fill seats while at the same time giving fans a better way to experience events.

What market segment does the sports industry need to do a better job with in ticketing and why?

GASPARD: Two segments: The “casual fan” who has the potential to become a new lifelong fan; and the “new” fan — those just out of college looking to develop or deepen loyalty.

What can sports learn from ticketing in other forms of live entertainment?

GASPARD: Sports can leverage new ways to appeal to a variety of different fan segments by using data as a way to develop more appealing ticketing options that foster increased loyalty and therefore drive attendance.

What do you see as ticketing’s role in live entertainment’s battle versus the couch?

GASPARD: To overcome the pull to watch from the couch, ticketing must provide fans with the ability to personalize their event experience in a way that is flexible and engages the fan all year long, not just on game day, making a memorable experience that cannot be had from home.