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Volume 22 No. 8

Monday, June 18, 2018

Volume 21 No. 10

Power Players: Ticketing

People from 35 entities make up our newest Power Players list. They’re changing the ticketing industry forever, as filling seats remains as vital a proposition as it has for more than a century.

Everybody loves a parade

Planning a championship parade is something everyone at a team sports property aspires to. Much of it gets done post-victory, which isn’t always easy, as the Philadelphia Eagles execs and anyone who’s engineered a victory parade discovers quickly.

Fired power five ADs find tough road back to high-profile jobs

John Currie was considered the answer at the University of Tennessee last year, but he never made it to his one-year anniversary. Since then, Currie attempts to do what few others in the profession have done — get another power five AD position.

NASCAR discussing tiered sponsorship model

NASCAR has begun sharing provisional plans for its new sponsorship model with potential partners and industry stakeholders. The model is still being developed, but it’s being envisioned as having five tiers, with a top tier that would have four to six brands.

U.S. Soccer back to work after securing World Cup

U.S. Soccer now finds itself running on two tracks until 2026: the defined path of hosting a World Cup and the subsequent logistics; and the need to harness the energy, interest and excitement that comes with welcoming the world’s biggest sporting event.