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Holiday Gifts 2017

Vacations and dog treats, bling and ‘slime supplies’: Here’s what sports execs are asking for and giving this year.

Cole Gahagan
Chief commercial officer

Giving: With a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old, it’s all about gifts that keep the children outdoors. So this year, that’s bikes, scooters and a ton of sports equipment.
Getting: Anything and everything tech, particularly if it involves smart-home products. Amazon Echos have become fixtures in our house, so I’m always looking for more ways to put them to use!

Frank Vuono
16W Marketing

This holiday season it’s about sharing the pure happiness and joys of life with my family, especially my two grandkids, Talia and Levi. While I am sure the kids will get their full share of Disney and puppy toys, dolls, etc., this may be the year they each get their own set of golf clubs. Why not start them young?
For me, I suggested to my wife, Dorothy, the idea of a new high-tech turntable so that I can listen to my vinyl collection (vinyl is back!). I have a full 1956 Seeburg VL-200 Jukebox and a collection of over 1,000 45s. It would be fun to dust off some of those records and spin them again. There is a certain unique sound from vinyl that cannot be replicated.

John Osborn

Giving: My kids are into making and selling “slime,” so I will be giving them more slime supplies. They sell their own slime online, believe it or not. My wife will get something in the bling category.
Getting: I’d like to get a Husqvarna chain saw to use at our Vermont cabin. I just like to cut stuff down when I’m there.

John Tatum
Founder and president
Genesco Sports Enterprises

We’re leaving Christmas Day and taking my family to Colorado for vacation. So I’d like that last week of the year to have no calls, texts or emails — but I bet that won’t happen.

Djenaba Parker
General counsel
New York Red Bulls

I’m most excited for the gift I’m giving to my dog, a springer spaniel-Lab mix named Yardley. I found a Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Dog Bed that will hopefully make him happy and comfortable at night. I’m also going to include lots of organic dog treats that will make perfect stocking stuffers.
For me, it’s two more Sonos wireless speakers so that I can listen to my Apple Music collection in my living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The Amy Winehouse catalog is currently in heaviest rotation.

Alison Weber

Chief creative officer
Curiology / Levy

As my kids are older, I favor experiences over things because it means we get to be together — something I cherish with all our nutty schedules.
We splurged on a pre-Christmas experience and got amazing seats to “Hamilton.” The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we always head to the city and finish the day with dinner and a movie.
I insisted on getting to pick the movie this year, and ended our meal by sending them a picture of the Hamilton tickets to reveal my choice. The look on their faces was awesome.
I’ve already got a few boxes filled with quirky things that I pick up during the year to fill their stockings. From inspirational books to hilarious socks, each person opens every gift in their stocking and gets to hear the story behind it. It’s our tradition, and we’ll continue it forever.
For me? I’d love another chance to see “Hamilton.” I don’t have all the words memorized quite yet!

Kevin Westgarth

Vice president of business development and international affairs

The past year has provided a lot to be thankful for. Adding a second healthy baby boy to our family makes me hesitant to ask for more. But, since you asked, I’d love to see the addition of a few D-I college hockey programs as part of the NHL’s commitment to expand opportunities for both elite men and women. I’d also love to see more young boys and girls experience hockey with new ice rinks. And I hope to find passionate hockey people to help us make that happen. That, or an iPhone X.
Having two boys under 2 and a wife who wrangles them, I certainly plan to give some gifts that are well-deserved. I’d give my wife a monthlong spa package if I thought we’d survive, but I’ll find a compromise somewhere. My older son, Finn, is 20 months old and is a huge Beatles fan — of his own accord, I swear — so I’m looking for a tiny Hofner bass to feed his Paul McCartney passion. I also want to bring the whole family to the 2018 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at Citi Field to experience the beauty and fun of outdoor hockey. I’m hopeful I can find some good tickets.