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Media firm Deltatre ready to move into U.S.

Deltatre helped rights holders deliver coverage on multiple devices from the Rio Olympics. Its online sports video player carries the brand Diva (below).
Italy-based media and technology company Deltatre has hired a former Google executive to oversee its expansion into the U.S. market.

Claude London will run the company’s U.S. operations as president of Deltatre Americas. The ex-Google director will manage staff in three U.S. offices — one in New York, one in Los Angeles and a soon-to-be-opened office in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Deltatre’s business involves livestreams and over-the-top systems, putting it in competition with U.S. companies such as BAMTech, NBC’s Playmaker Media and Turner’s iStreamPlanet. Deltatre also specializes in providing graphics and data for rights holders and media companies.

“For 10 months, we’ve been working hard to build our business to bring to the States,” said Deltatre CEO Giampiero Rinaudo. “America is a very competitive market. It’s also a huge market. We are noticing a lot of American properties going to Europe and Asia and a lot of European properties going into the United States. Because of our presence on these continents, we think we are the ideal choice.”

It’s not clear how many people Deltatre will hire, but London said the positions will include everything from sales and marketing executives to operations executives. London will work out of the Bay Area office, but he joked that he really would be based on a plane.

Andrea Marini, Deltatre executive vice president, will move to the U.S., be based in the New York office, and work with London to build out the company’s U.S. business, which is a new focus for the 30-year-old company that already is well-established globally with clients ATP, FIFA, Premier League and UEFA.

“It’s a strong signal to the market that we are relocating an EVP of the group overall to the Americas to work with me to build up this business,” London said.

Last June, George Pyne’s Bruin Sports Capital acquired Deltatre for an undisclosed amount with the idea that it would come to the U.S. market eventually. In an announcement that is expected to be released this week, Deltatre said this “is the first in a series of major announcements planned by Deltatre over the next several months as part of its American expansion.”

To win U.S. business, Deltatre’s pitch will focus on its independence in supporting rights holders and their partner broadcasters. In some cases, Deltatre will partner with the property, while in other cases it will make deals with broadcasters.

“We’re not in the business of acquiring their rights,” London said. “We’re not in the business of competing with them. We want to support their ambitions and we want to do this both in the Americas and internationally.”

While a lot of competition exists, London said this is the right time to build up streaming services and over-the-top platforms.

“I see a moment of huge opportunity for rights owners specifically and their partner broadcasters to really take advantage of what’s happening in the landscape,” he said.