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Volume 20 No. 42
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Forty Under 40: What sporting event have you not attended but most want to get to?

We asked each of the Forty Under 40:

What sporting event have you not attended but most want to get to?

Seth Bacon: El Clásico.

Derek Belch: The Masters … and there isn’t a close second.

Ilan Ben-Hanan: I’d love to see Roger Federer play for a championship on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

Jimmy Bruns: The Masters.

Lisa Campos: Olympics.

The Masters
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Daniel Cherry III: The Masters.

Jason Cohen: The Iditarod.

Sakiya Daniel: Wimbledon.

Will Dean: Monaco Grand Prix.

Rob DeAngelis: World Cup.

Bill Fagan: The Kentucky Derby.

Cole Gahagan: TCU national championship game.

Rocky Harris: Olympics.

Jeff Ianello: Super Bowl.

Martin Jarmond: Summer Olympics. To see the best of the best all compete in one place.

Katherine Johnson: The Australian Open or the Kentucky Derby.

Nick Kelly: FIFA World Cup.

Elena Klau: Wimbledon.

Brandon Lloyd: The Masters.

J.B. Lockhart: Olympics basketball gold medal game.

Olek Loewenstein: Opening ceremony at the Olympics (Tokyo will probably be amazing); NCAA Final Four.

Matthew Nussbaum: The Masters.

David Oxfeld: The Masters.

Dan Parise: The Kentucky Derby.

Anthony Perez: World Cup.

Ashwin Puri: Kentucky Derby or the Masters.

Alex Radetsky: The Masters. Tough for me to get to, because it’s always right around Opening Day.

Ann Rodriguez: Wimbledon.

Jeffrey Roth: USA World Cup match.

Connor Schell: El Clásico.

Brandon Schneider: Wimbledon.

Vishal Shah: The Olympics (Summer).

Gretchen Sheirr: Olympics.

Tobias Sherman: The Summer Olympics.

Justin Toman: A Champions League Final.

Jeremy Walls: The Masters.

Danny White: A national championship that UCF is playing in (any sport).

Chip Wile: The Winter Olympics.

Mike Zabik: Stanley Cup Final.

Tim Zue: I would love to go to the Masters. I am also hoping for a Cubs vs. Red Sox World Series in 2017.