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Teams staying put will each get more than $53M in relocation fees

They say it’s good to be the king. It’s also good to be an NFL owner who is not relocating.

Presuming the Oakland Raiders pay a $350 million relocation fee, the league will have assessed $1.65 billion in move fees in the last 15 months.

The Los Angeles Chargers and Rams each agreed to pay $650 million. The actual amount is $550 million, but with interest the costs rise because the payments are spread over many years.

Thirty-one teams share in each of the fees, so the first $650 million from the Rams comes to $21 million a club, and the same for the next $650 million. The $350 million breaks down to $11.3 million a club. That means for the 29 teams not relocating, each during the coming decade will reap a bonanza of more than $53 million. That money is not shared with the players.