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Volume 20 No. 42
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What others are saying

“He’s a man of good taste and culture … very outgoing, a friendly man who cares. When Larry says he’s going to do something … some people would forget, some people would be blowing smoke. Not Larry. He remembers everything. When he’s your friend, he’s a true friend.”
CEO, Oak View Group

“They’ve built a remarkable organization worldwide. In hindsight, what we started [at old Comiskey Park] has become essentially the core of their company and they’ve expanded it beyond which I could never imagine. Even now, teams considering Levy ask us about them and I enthusiastically recommend them. I think they’re really good at what they do.”
Senior executive vice president, Chicago White Sox

“He’s the original entrepreneur, before people knew who they were.”
President and CEO, Levy Restaurants

“He’s a smart guy who understands what people want, and somebody who’s focused on detail and execution. He clearly was at the forefront of causing the industry in that space to evolve.”
Commissioner, NHL

“He really changed the industry, leading the way with premium services outpacing concessions.”
Food service consultant

“Larry has great taste buds. We would taste everything on the menu from top to bottom, and he’d say, ‘That salad dressing needs 5 percent more vinegar. Let’s make sure it comes back in the perfect combination of flavors.’”
Chief creative officer, Curiology

“Larry is truly someone trying to innovate in a space that hasn’t had a lot of innovation.”
President and CEO, Atlanta Falcons

“His drive to make Levy one of the best and innovative companies out there always stuck out with me in dealing with Larry. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a small concession stand or suite catering. Levy strives to be the best in the business.”
President, Staples Center

“He made my job easy. His desire to do anything and everything was always from a sales point of view … in terms of understanding who the other side was, what was important to that person, and how to connect with them.”
Executive vice president, Levy Restaurants

“Larry is relentlessly a driver of how to make things better. You’d walk in any of his [Disney] restaurants with him and he would constantly be talking, making moves, talking to guests. He has such a strong presence.”
Senior vice president, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports and waterparks

                                                                                                         Compiled by Don Muret and John Lombardo