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Case Study: Measuring value in social media posts for Bose, Kia

Hookit conducted a social media valuation analysis for posts made on behalf of Bose and Kia by athletes and teams. The highlights that follow are for social media posts and activity from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hookit combines social engagement (interactions such as like, comment and share) with a “content promotion quality score” and market-driven advertising costs. The content promotion quality score is derived through text analysis, taking into account position and type of text promotion (hashtag or mention), and image analysis, which takes into account logo size, clarity, quality and positioning in each image and weights each accordingly.

The media value is driven by digital advertising/social media marketplace cost per engagement industry standards and uses algorithms to weight the value of each interaction. The result is a dollar value based on total engagement and promotional/media value within social and digital text, image and video-based content.

Some notes from Hookit:

Bose has the advantage of being a smaller product that can be more easily displayed and promoted. Bose also can more easily run giveaways, which drove strong value via Rory McIlroy and Russell Wilson.

On the flip side, given product costs, Kia doesn’t need to convert as many people to customers in order to drive ROI.

The Washington Wizards’ numbers shown here are not fully representative of the value the team brings to Kia, since only the team-owned social media account was used for the analysis. The value teams bring to a brand include athlete, media and fan posts, but promotions across that wider realm were not included in this analysis.