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Holiday Gifts: Giving and receiving

Vice president of college sports programming, CBS Sports

On my wish list this year is a Pandora One subscription, because the ads hurt the rhythm during my long runs. I read a lot on my Kindle, so I would love to receive the e-book version of Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please.”
My daughter, who is almost 2, will get some classic children’s books, Laurie Berkner CDs and a few Disney DVDs. My husband, whose phone is perpetually dead, is getting one of those phone cases with a battery pack.

Senior vice president of “SportsCenter” and news, ESPN

At our house, it’s all about The Wee Three Kings and what they expect from Santa. Atop the list: a new Xbox 360 console. After six years of loyal service, our first gave out recently. I’d — I mean, Santa — would go up to an Xbox One, but between Lego Star Wars and Skylanders, we’re too committed to the original.
As for my personal wish list, I’m hoping to receive a copy of the new “75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen,” by Roy Thomas. I also have my eye on the new Powerbeats2 Wireless in-ear headphones, because, y’know, they make sweating look cool. At least, I hope they would. I need the help.

Director of graduate sports management program, Columbia University, and president, SABR

I’m hoping for a copy of the book “Lincoln’s Gamble” by Todd Brewster, about a crucial six-month period that altered the course of the Civil War. I’m always up for a good book on American history. Also, I’m always happy to be surprised with any new wine-related gadgets.
On the giving side: There’s a new baseball history book coming out: “The Colonel and Hug,” about Col. Jacob Ruppert and manager Miller Huggins, the owner and manager of the Babe Ruth-era Yankees, and a rather unlikely pair that combined to turn the Yankees into one of sports’ first dynasties.

Vice president, Engine Shop

My 2-year-old daughter is getting her first American Girl doll. For my 5-year-old son it’s all dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles and Legos — oddly enough, the same toys I asked for when I was about his age. My wife and I usually skip the gifts in favor of a few nights away together or a special dinner or two.
Asking: They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and for me that definitely rings true. I’m hoping for the new Nomiku sous vide machine (it’s awesome, Google it) and a few pounds of my favorite coffee. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bottle of bourbon under the tree and (on a related note) for my kids to sleep in past 6:30 a.m.

Tournament manager, ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer

Giving: For close friends and family I try to get either a special picture or artwork framed that has some meaning to them or both of us. For example, this year I’m giving my uncle a nice frame and matte of several pictures from an Arsenal match we went to in London a couple years ago. Come On You Gunners!
Hope to receive: Some nice non-work clothes. I have a terrible sense of style when it comes to purchasing clothes, so it would be much easier for someone with style to do the legwork. This way I can stop wearing the three same quarter zip sweaters every time I go out. Also, I wouldn’t mind receiving the special power of being able to order a salad instead of a delicious sandwich for lunch at a restaurant. This would help me fit into my last round of “trendy” clothes.

CEO and president, Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment

I’m providing family and friends with Sonos HiFi wireless speakers so they can enjoy favorite “jams” during the holidays. I think everyone will appreciate the product’s cool technology and capabilities.
My wish list? I’d love to receive a Microsoft Surface tablet. My iPad is a great tool, but I’d like to expand my horizons. I spend a lot of time on the road, so this would be another great way to stay connected.

Executive director, USA Football

I’m not one to make lists, but I intend to get hold of a copy of “StrengthsFinder 2.0,” whether it’s under our tree or picked up on an after-work run to the bookstore. A new cellphone would also be a nice “get” — debating between an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.
What I’ll be giving: I’m in the running for captain of the All-Domestic Team — we’ve renovated our kitchen and my bride and I have agreed to stock it with new appliances. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas, Honey,” like a stainless steel refrigerator that can produce 4.4 pounds of ice per day.

President and CEO, 2015 Special Olympics World Games Organizing Committee

This holiday season, I’m excited to give Timothy Shriver’s inspiring new book, “Fully Alive.” Tim shares his family’s incredible journey to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through the unifying power of sports, a mission that is close to my heart as the father of a special needs child and inspiring as we prepare to host the 2015 Special Olympics World Games next summer in Los Angeles. Through this book, Tim shows how the athletes of Special Olympics can help us all discover what matters most.

Senior vice president of operations and program development, Little League International

Most years, including this one, my wife, daughter and I start the holiday season with a trip to Walt Disney World. With our busy schedules, “family time” is the best gift. My daughter’s list this holiday season includes a new bike, a baseball glove, a Ravens jersey, the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series, and some clothes for her American Girl doll.
I have enough gadgets, so on my list this year is a new pair of Brooks road running sneakers and ESPN’s “30 for 30” Fifth Anniversary DVD set.

I’m a simple man with very few needs for gadgets, electronics, new clothes, new accessories, etc. I do enjoy reading and would like to have a copy of “Thinking, Fast And Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman. But, what I really want is to just have a few days of peaceful quality time with my wife and kids in some picturesque setting where no one can be on their phones, computers, etc. Make dinner together as family every night, enjoy the scenic view and each other’s company. Probably the hardest gift to give anyone in today’s hustle-and-bustle world, even when you work in beach volleyball and are based in California.

President, New England Revolution
I want a second sous vide machine (so I can do meats and vegetables at the same time).
Giving: A programmable robot for our kids (Dash & Dot, Sphero, etc. — Not sure which one yet).