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What I Like: Max Eisenbud


What I Like …


An insight: Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with really bright young people (or interns) and empower them. They will add huge value to your team, and you will learn more from them than they will from you.

An influential person in my career: Mark McCormack.

An out-of-the-box idea: Bringing HBO’s “24/7” series to professional tennis.

Senior Vice President
IMG Tennis

Where I'm from: Hometown is Short Hills, N.J. Current residence is Pinecrest, Fla.
Where I Went to School: Purdue University.
My First Job: Teaching tennis at a local club.

A timeless idea: Always make decisions based on a long-term view.

A business deal: Any deal where both parties walk away feeling that they’ve won.  

A sports facility: Mackey Arena at Purdue University.

A sports event: Australian Open.

Mackey Arena

A strategy: Professional tennis changing from a Western European/North American sport two decades ago into the most global sport in the world with expansion in Eastern Europe, China and throughout Asia. Also, NBA Cares is a great initiative.   

A brand: Sugarpova.  

A trend: Athletes moving beyond brand endorsement to running the business and having equity.

An innovation: Social media

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott
platforms for my clients to keep in touch with their fans around the world.

A hire: Larry Scott as the commissioner of the Pac-12.

A pro league or team business initiative: WTA’s aggressive expansion in China and Asia-Pacific.

A story that bears watching: Li Na’s effect on girls and women in China getting involved in sports.

An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: The Internet.  

A fantasy job: Athletic director of Purdue University..

What I Like about …

Sports business: The people.

My job: Helping my clients build their brands and plan for life after tennis.

Sports: Sports is the best reality television.

Sports media: Their incredible passion for the game.   

Competing: The highest form of competition is just as much heart and mental strength as it is talent and preparation.

Sports fans: Inheriting a passion for a team or a sport from your parents and grandparents and passing it on to future generations.

What I Would Like To …

Change in what I do: Travel less.

See more of in sports business: More women agents.  

See less of in sports: Athletes celebrating after making average plays.

See less of in sports business: Agents with no vision beyond the fast dollar.

What I Don’t Like …

Pet peeve: Athletes who will not give credit to the opponent when they lose.

In sports: Politics.

In general: People that are overly happy.

In business: My job takes me away from my family.


What I Like …

That would surprise those who know me: I really enjoy cooking.

Above all else: My family and my clients.

About myself: I have a big heart. I also have a very strong work ethic.

Heroes: My parents.

Players: Michael Jordan and Glenn


Teams: Purdue Boilermakers.

City: Melbourne.

Possession: My BlackBerry.

Memento: The pen that I used during the two weeks when Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon in the summer of 2004.

Music: Counting Crows.  

Magazine: ESPN The Magazine.


Gadget: Samsung Note.

App: WhatsApp.

Hobby: Sleeping. (Between my job and my kids … it is truly a hobby).  

Trip: The Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico.

Movie: “Hoosiers.”  

Food: Sushi.

Dessert: Warm chocolate chip cookies.

Drink: Hoegaarden beer.  

Car: Porsche.  

Quote: “Don’t be afraid to out hustle your opponent.”