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Reader Survey: NFL

If you have two tickets to next year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, and it’s snowing heavily the day of the game, do you stay home or go to the game?

Stay home 23.2%
Go to the game 75.3%

Responses 1,069

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Following the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, when will the next Super Bowl be held at an open-air stadium in a coldweather market?

Within 5 years 22.8%
Within 6-10 years 45.9%
11 or more years 16.1%
Never again 15.2%

Responses 1,066

Biggest threat to the success of the NFL:

Concussions 41.2%
Improved technology for at-home viewing 20.2%
Rising costs for attending NFL games 15.9%
In-stadium fan behavior 8.4%
Player discipline issues 8.1%

Responses 1,057

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The face of the NFL:

Peyton Manning 62.0%
Tom Brady 14.0%
Aaron Rodgers 6.0%
Robert Griffin III 3.0%
Andrew Luck 3.0%

Responses 953

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Most effective NFL team owner:

Robert Kraft
(New England Patriots)
Jerry Jones
(Dallas Cowboys)
Publicly owned, nonprofit corp.
(Green Bay Packers)

Responses 1,039

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Least effective NFL team owner:

Shahid Khan
(Jacksonville Jaguars)
Mark Davis
(Oakland Raiders)
Daniel Snyder
(Washington Redskins)

Responses 1,005

NFL team that has shown the most innovation in its business practices in the last five years:

Dallas Cowboys 28.0%
San Francisco 49ers 14.5%
New England Patriots 11.6%

Responses 940

Would you let your child play organized football?

Yes 50.1%
No 43.9%

Responses 1,060

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Sponsors that do the best job activating around the NFL:

Papa John’s 41.0%
Anheuser-Busch 36.4%
Verizon 22.7%
Visa 19.8%

Note: Respondents could select three.

Responses 1,298