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Volume 20 No. 42
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Around the league, other interests

Like many fans in attendance, our reporters had sports interests elsewhere during game day, be it fantasy football, other NFL scores or even other local sports. Their experiences varied in terms of being kept up to date.

Buccaneers at Jets, Sept. 8
MetLife Stadium
RedZone coverage was almost nonexistent. The only time I saw it was late in the third quarter when something branded as RedZone came on, but it was nothing more than a single highlight from the Bills game. In terms of scores, they were shown just occasionally. On the ribbon board a couple of scores would go up, then be replaced by two more. In terms of fantasy stats, very little. I saw them only occasionally. It was easy to miss.

— Daniel Kaplan

Bengals at Bears, Sept. 8
Soldier Field
The Bears showed RedZone highlights at the end of each quarter and at halftime. They had steady updates on league scores and fantasy stats beginning in the first quarter on small LED boards in each corner of the bowl … but the boards showed just one player at a time, making viewership a bit difficult. On the big video board, they had updates only at the end of each quarter with scores and fantasy stats, as well as during halftime.
— John Lombardo

Titans at Steelers, Sept. 8
Photo by: AP IMAGES
Heinz Field

Out-of-town scores became a focal point beginning in the second quarter, and continued for the rest of the afternoon. During several breaks, the video board was split to show scores from around the league and an AT&T-sponsored fantasy update with player statistics. Smaller fascia boards at the north, closed end of the stadium also presented both out-of-town scores and fantasy information continually during the afternoon. RedZone video highlights were more of a scattershot
Photo by: AP IMAGES
affair, depending on how the Steelers game was progressing and the time available. Breaks to show RedZone Channel highlights ranged from just one game to highlights from as many as four games.
— Eric Fisher

Seahawks at Panthers, Sept. 8
Bank of America Stadium
Out-of-town scores were flashed consistently at the bottom of the two end-zone boards, but the tiny space reserved for that information
Photo by: ICON SMI
made it easy to miss. The ribbon boards along the sidelines provided larger images but were shown less frequently. The Panthers packaged brief highlights across the league in two-game, one-play-each snippets. At halftime, there was one random RedZone Channel clip from the Vikings-Lions game shown revolving around a “live look-in” over a challenge call. Otherwise, fans who wanted to view more highlights had to pull out their phones and search for the appropriate mobile app. Fans who play fantasy football were forced to rely on their
Photo by: ICON SMI
smartphones to get updates on individual players. Leaguewide stats were flashed once at halftime on the sideline ribbon boards.
— Don Muret

Eagles at Redskins, Sept. 9
FedEx Field
The game was on a Monday night, so there was no opportunity to show NFL RedZone. The Texans-Chargers game kicked off in the fourth quarter of the Eagles-Redskins game, and no mention was made of that. I did not see a highlight from another team. I saw stats produced only once during the game. In the third quarter, when the Redskins were losing 33-7, the Skins’ defensive leaders were shown. It was not on the main video board but on an auxiliary one.
— John Ourand

Broncos at Giants, Sept. 15
MetLife Stadium
What they bill as RedZone are highlights during breaks in play, shown just occasionally and usually just one highlight. The Giants do a nice job with fantasy stats; at times the stats took up all four video boards for several minutes. In terms of scores from around the league, they have a dedicated space on the ribbon board.
— Daniel Kaplan

Chargers at Eagles, Sept. 15
Lincoln Financial Field
The Eagles officially showed RedZone four times, once each quarter during breaks in play, though there was more of it during the fourth quarter. In terms of fantasy, these showed up on the main board infrequently, again more during the fourth quarter. They have an auxiliary board dedicated to scores around the league, and they scroll scores throughout the game on the matrix boards.
— Terry Lefton

Browns at Ravens, Sept. 15
M&T Bank Stadium
About once a quarter and during halftime, the Ravens showed one to three highlights of a game before going to all of the NFL scores. These came during a commercial break. The frustrating part was that the team shrank the video highlights to show the NFL RedZone branding, so it was difficult to tell what was happening. With eight other games going on, the board showed highlights from only one game at a time. The team offered stats from other games throughout — the top passer, runner and receiver from each team playing at that time. I didn’t notice Browns-Ravens stats as often. They also updated NFL scores continuously on a scroll under the big video board.
— John Ourand

Giants at Panthers, Sept. 22
Bank of America Stadium
Between the third and fourth quarter, they showed highlights from around the league. The Bengals-Packers score was shown as 30-14, but I had 30-21 on my phone.
— Tripp Mickle