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What’s that noise at the Georgia Dome?

After a big play by the Falcons, the PA played what was supposed to be the sound a real falcon makes. Maybe, if it was a constipated falcon. The high-pitched screech sounded like the noise a bad sound system makes. Fans were caught off guard and annoyed. One fan said, “Oh, my God, never do that again.” Another simply said, “Horrible.”

The mantra at the Georgia Dome must be the same as Brick Tamland’s in “Anchorman” when he screams, “Loud noises!”

Maybe it’s just the nature of audio in a dome, but the Georgia Dome definitely prefers loud noises over any kind of clarity. I probably understood about a quarter of what was being said over the PA, the audio being a screeching, noisy mess, and the music played at concert levels. Not good.

— Michael Smith