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Game Changers: Patty Power

Power enjoys how creating startup networks allows her to build her own foundation.
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Patty Power
CBS Sports | Senior Vice President, Operations, Engineering and Production Planning

he was the first hire in the operations department at Classic Sports Network as it prepped for launch in 1995, and again for CSTV when it went on the air in 2002. So when Patty Power was charged with figuring out how CBS Sports Network would produce 50 hours of original programming from New Orleans on the week of the Super Bowl, incorporating the sports, news and entertainment divisions to create content for distribution on the network, on the Web and through syndication, she could turn back to her startup experience as a guide.

“The great thing about startups is you’re creating your own foundation and you’re doing it your own way, and I do like that,” said Power, who helped transform CBS Sports Network from the niche player it was as CSTV and CBS College Sports Network into a broader channel with twice as much live programming as it had two years ago. “I’ve been here in this position for 11 years, but we’ve gone through so many changes, with opportunities to learn from new people along the way, it really hasn’t seemed like it. Change is good for some, and not for all. For me, it’s healthy.” 

— Bill King

  • Crowning professional achievement: Helping to launch two successful sports cable networks: Classic Sports and CSTV.
  • Biggest professional disappointment: I never had an opportunity to work on a World Cup, which I consider one of the world’s premier sporting events.
  • Person who had the biggest influence on your career in sports: I’ve had several wonderful mentors who have influenced me, including Ken Aagaard, who has generously shared his knowledge, wisdom and guidance.
  • Best advice you’ve received: Treat people with respect.
  • The biggest challenge I face working in the sports business is …: The ever-changing technology landscape.
  • My vision of success is …: A well-balanced personal and professional life — which I’m still working on.

“What makes Patty so good is her ability to cut through the clutter and come up with very good answers to problems quickly, succinctly and efficiently. Smart, quick and well-connected, Patty is known throughout the industry as one of the best operations/productions people you could ever work with; top-notch in every way.”

— Steve Herbst | Vice president, broadcasting and production | NASCAR