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Oren Yogev


Oren Yogev, chief executive and co-founder of Israeli-based Replay Technologies, has a deep background in high-end military technology, spending more than a decade working on laser guidance systems, drone manufacturing and video recognition platforms.

But in his words, it was “helping armies kill people. And I want to entertain people.”

Enter Replay Technologies. The company developed an advanced panoramic replay system for TV sports that creates a 360-degree view of key moments and provides a deeper, almost 3-D viewing experience without the need for a special TV or glasses.

The technology has been used by the YES Network for New York Yankees home games after a trial run during the gymnastics competition in last summer’s London Olympics, and the company is nearing deals for several other deployments.

In each instance, multiple cameras are tied to proprietary algorithms to create a single, blended image, somewhat similar to how animation or computer graphics work. The resulting video appears as if there is a flying camera hovering over the field, but the camera positions are all fixed.

“I wanted to tap more into my creative side, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead with this system,” Yogev said. “There’s an immersive realism to these images, and we’re providing vantage points and views of the games not otherwise possible.”

— Eric Fisher
Innovation you’re most proud of: Thus far I am most proud of our freeD innovation, and I hope to be proud more and more with time.
Last innovation that made you say, “Wow!”: The last one that really made my brain explode was two weeks ago, when I saw a project made by the designer Ron Arad, “In Reverse.” He took several Fiat 500s [and] twisted and distorted them under compression. Then he pinned them against the wall in a genius 2-D presentation, like a painting.
It may sound crazy now, but soon we’ll be able to …: Place a virtual camera in any place at any time and be able to interact and change the viewing angle of the filmed content.
A less-than-perfect outcome that you learned from: Several months after I was born, Steve Sasson, the Kodak engineer who invented the first digital camera in 1975, presented his invention to corporate, and his managers’ reaction was, “That filmless photography is cute — but please don’t tell anyone about it and get back to work.” Since then I learned one lesson: If one of my team members or colleagues asks me to review an idea which seems completely crazy at first glimpse, I never say no automatically.
What brings out your creativity? Going out for a night walk and gazing at the stars.