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Volume 21 No. 1
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Idea Innovators introduction

The sports industry, like any other, moves ahead on the momentum of great ideas. And no flow chart, organizational diagram or spreadsheet can tell us when or where that next leap forward will come. It just happens.

In SportsBusiness Journal’s second edition of Idea Innovators, we again take a look at some of the people in sports who are there when the lightning strikes, when “What if?” suddenly becomes “Maybe we could …”

This crop of Innovators has done battle with a variety of questions — How do we best get streaming video to fans? How can technology help our athletes perform better? How can we make a postgame concert not sound like it’s coming through a drive-thru speaker? — and emerged with answers that gave properties, fans and even competitors something new to consider.

In addition to telling a little of their stories, we asked our Innovators how they do it. One way is to learn from the efforts that don’t quite reach the finish line. One recalled a project that was halted by a business decision but paved the way for successful efforts to come. Another found lessons in running a New York City restaurant that have transferred to a different discipline.

We hope you enjoy your time with our latest collection of Innovators. Perhaps reading their stories will help inspire the next flash of inspiration at your company.