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Volume 21 No. 2
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Sports properties perform

You’re correct on all counts in [the Feb. 25-March 3] column “Three reasons why ceiling for rights fees is nowhere in sight.” The reality is that there are very few entertainment properties that stand the test of time. Even the hottest ones eventually fade: The top-10 TV shows from 10 years ago have almost all disappeared, while only a very few movie franchises can hang on for more than a sequel or two, and even those, like “Star Wars,” “Batman” and “Spider-Man,” have to lay fallow and be rebooted every so often.

Meanwhile, key name-brand sports properties consistently perform well on an expanding range of screens — year after year, decade after decade. Given their relative scarcity in the face of increasing consumer and distributor demand, rights fees for these properties will only continue to go up.

Lee H. Berke
Scarsdale, N.Y.

Berke is president and CEO of LHB Sports, Entertainment & Media Inc.