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Sponsor activities planned around Sochi

Providing the technology infrastructure that delivers instantaneous scoring and communication to organizers, officials, media, television viewers and Internet users.

Marketing in Russia with a torchbearer nomination campaign and an exhibition in Moscow of past Olympic torches and memorabilia from the 1980 Moscow Games.
Focusing on the torch relay.
Signed Alexander Ovechkin (hockey), who is being featured in commercials in Russia, Yelena Isinbayeva (pole vaulter), Maria Kiseleva (synchronized swimmer), Ilya Lagutenko (rock musician), Ekaterina Gamova (volleyball), Alexei Nemov (gymnast), Tatyana Lazareva (TV personality) and Kamil Gadzhiev (jujutsu champion).
Hospitality program.
Showcase pavilion in Sochi; considering experiential marketing in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Business-to-consumer showcase pavilion that illustrates Dow products used in facilities and local infrastructure.
Bulk of spending will be outside the U.S.
Hospitality program.

Provided two gas turbines to help power the Games.
Hospitality program.

Olympic branding in restaurants nationwide with special emphasis on Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg locations.


Omega wasted little time rolling out its Sochi countdown clocks, using this display at last summer’s London Games.
Photo by: Getty Images

Countdown clocks in Moscow, Sochi and other Russian cities.
Marketing program in Russia, China and Europe.
Hospitality program will focus on building a temporary store in Sochi.

Panasonic Russia will launch and promote Olympic-branded products including a camcorder, Lumix digital camera, audio headset and other items.
Installing audio-visual equipment in competition venues.
Panasonic Russia will advertise on TV and online in the local market.
Online promotion on its Olympic Facebook page.
Hospitality program.

In discussions about having another “Family Home” for athletes’ families.

Pavilion showcasing wireless communications technology.
Digital campaigns emphasizing the company’s smartphone technology.
Featuring top winter athletes as members of Team Samsung. In addition, tennis player Maria Sharapova will take part in promoting Samsung’s Sochi 2014 campaign.
Extending the Samsung Global Blogger initiative, which will feature local bloggers using Samsung technology to capture and share their Sochi 2014 experience online.

Advertising in the Sochi airport.
Global campaign developed by BBDO.
Anticipates activating in 35-plus markets, which will be more than Vancouver.
Hospitality program.
Acceptance program with Sochi merchants, including point-of-sale branding.
Advertising, digital and social media campaign to promote Sochi ticketing.
Advertising program with Sberbank, the retail banking partner of Sochi.