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Social media keeps the experience going

Hospitality planners have a keep-it-moving mentality when entertaining guests. Now they’re finding ways to keep the experience going even once events wrap up.

The humble photo op, paired with the power of social media, helps accomplish that goal. In most cases, an actual or superimposed background gives the host a chance to stamp a clear link between the novelty of an unusual photo and the company that made it possible.

And since such photos motivate guests to share on Facebook and Twitter, the host company works with the agency to collect names, addresses and other information that can be used in all manner of research.

Social media drives much of the conversation when it comes to changes and trends in sports hospitality and fan events. It serves as both entertainment and as a source of feedback as companies and agencies monitor comments and critiques.

“There are only so many people you’re going to hit at an event,” said Roger Malinowski, director of strategy and growth at BeCore, producer of consumer events for brands including Nike, Red Bull and Microsoft. “There are only so many people that are going to take part. But with social media we can extend that footprint and we can give more impressions. We can do sweepstakes driven by social media that increase awareness pre-event that drives people to our space and, afterwards, something simple like sharing photos or video content that’s custom-created.”