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Game Changers: Jennifer Love

Love, responsible for the creative look and feel of NFL
Network sets, joins “GameDay Morning” at the Super Bowl
in Indianapolis.
Jennifer Love
NFL Network
VP, Coordinating Director

Jennifer Love was one of the first half-dozen people hired to launch NFL Network in the summer of 2003, working as a coordinating director. Today, she oversees set design, works with the graphics department, and handles almost anything that touches the creative look and feel of the network’s shows.

Sports TV production and directing can be a man’s world, but Love doesn’t see it that way. “The majority of people are men, and I can be in a meeting with 20 men and I am the only woman,” Love said, “but I don’t think about it.

“The people I know don’t temper their language,” she added, laughing.
Before the NFL, Love worked at Fox Sports on football, hockey and baseball, working with industry titans David Hill and Ed Goren. But it took the jump to the NFL to get her career fully launched. “I’ve never looked back,” she said of her time at the league’s network.

— Dan Kaplan
  • Crowning professional achievement: Being a key participant in the launching of two sports networks: Fox Sports and NFL Network.
  • What is the best advice youve ever received?: “Don’t make career decisions based on the paycheck.” Bob Levy (of Fox Sports), May 2003.
  • What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?: Never lose sight of being a role model to the young women with whom I work — and always wear sunscreen.
  • How would you describe effective business leadership?: Taking ownership of the success or failure of a project, but also understanding that the ultimate success is a result of teamwork.
  • Person who had the biggest influence on your career in sports: Two people. First, David Hill in 1994, because he took a chance in hiring a young woman with a background in entertainment to help launch Fox Sports. And second, Steve Bornstein in 2003, because he took a chance hiring a former associate director to help launch NFL Network as their first and only director.
  • Woman in sports business youd most like to meet: Pat Summitt. Although she had an amazing and successful career coaching women’s college basketball, it’s her current battle with Alzheimer’s that will define her legacy and touches me in a very personal way.


“Jen was one of our earliest and best hires. … She has had a profound effect on the look, feel, and ultimately the growth and success of the NFL Network. Jen is a worthy role model for all women and men looking to make an impact in the sports media world."

  • Steve Bornstein, NFL Network president and CEO