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Volume 21 No. 1
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Executives and sports figures talk about what they’ll be reading on vacation this summer.

Vice president of ticket and suite sales, New Orleans Saints

“Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service,”
by The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni
The Disney brand is customer service on so many levels. This is my second time reading it, and like a Disney theme park I already have found things I missed the first time!

Vice president of client management, GMR Marketing

“Calico Joe,”
by John Grisham
I am a big Grisham fan and, to me, his books define fantastic beach books. Special note: With such a focus on the Cubs and Wrigley Field, my husband, a lifelong Reds fan, has made it very clear that he will not be reading this book after I finish it.
“Mission to Paris,” by Alan Furst
A Hollywood film star (I have visions of Clark Gable in my head), a German baroness, Paris, a World War II history lesson, assassins, espionage, intrigue … what’s not to like?
Southern Living magazine
After 12 years in the Midwest, I cannot wait to renew my subscription!

Founder, Kevin Sullivan Communications

“My Cross to Bear,”
by Gregg Allman
I am a big fan of the Allmans and from the reviews it sounds like a great tale of heartbreak, redemption and, of course, wild stories from the ’70s.
“Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours,” by Pat Williams
When I was a freshman in high school, my dad gave me John Wooden’s book “They Call Me Coach,” which had a big influence on me. This summer is a good time to brush up on what made Coach Wooden a great leader and an even better man.
“Parenting Adopted Adolescents: Understanding and Appreciating Their Journeys,” by Gregory Keck
Not exactly light beach reading, but our youngest son — whom we adopted when he was 3 — turns 13 in August. He’s a great kid, but it seems like a good time to tune up the parenting skills.
“Call the Briefing,” by Marlin Fitzwater
Nothing like a good White House press secretary memoir. This book reminds us that while much has changed in the media world, the basics — such as relationship building and maintaining credibility in your dealings with the press — should still be top priorities.
“The Devil in the White City,” by Erik Larson
Need to work in a novel, and this one has been on the iPad for a long time. Need to read it before the Leonardo DiCaprio movie gets made.

President, Meesh & Mia

“Coming Home,”
by Rosamunde Pilcher
It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for about 10 years, and decided it might be about time to finally read it.
“Stolen Prey,” by John Sandford
It’s new, and because most of his titles include the word “Prey,” I have read them in order so I don’t forget which ones I have already read.
“Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies,” by Charlene Li
Again, I bought it when it first came out and figured I shouldn’t be the last to read it now that it is probably obsolete.
“Salt: A World History,” by Mark Kurlansky
I heard it was fascinating. Who knew it was such an important part of our history? I just know I like salty snacks at cocktail hour!

Chairman and editorial director, Golf Digest

I always have an audiobook loaded in the car — currently in the middle of Michael Shaara’s “The Killer Angels,” a best-seller 20 years after it won the Pulitzer Prize, 10 years after his death. Now reading on Kindle Fire my first Stephen King, “11/22/63,” which is longer than the Warren Commission report.
Next I’m looking for some answers in Colin Powell’s memoirs about leadership, “It Worked For Me.” And as background music for my buddies golf trip to Scotland in July: Richard Ford’s “Canada.”

Founder and CEO, Shine Entertainment Media

“Steve Jobs,”
by Walter Isaacson
“Thinking, Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman
“The Tao of Travel: Enlightenments From Lives on the Road,” by Paul Theroux. I love to travel and see new places. When I cannot do it … I read about it. Theroux is one of the best modern-day travel writers. I usually read him before I go to sleep.

CMO, Vitacost

“Thinking, Fast and Slow,”
by Daniel Kahneman
Since I have a Ph.D. in economics, I believe any book that provides a brighter perspective on “the dismal science” is worth reading. What Kahneman and Tversky researched as the foundation of this book seems to have had powerful implications for my thinking as a businessperson and as a decision-maker.
“Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman,” by Robert Massie
I am constantly amazed when looking back at leaders who have made great decisions and wonder if they ever contemplated the full impact of their actions.

CEO, Synergy

I’ll be reading Simon Armitage’s “Walking Home: Travels With a Troubadour on the Pennine Way,” the memoir of a poet making an epic trek across the North of England and giving readings along the way to pay his way. It’s a book that will take me back to the much-loved and much-missed rugged and dramatic landscape of my growing up in West Yorkshire.

CEO, Ahead

“It Worked for Me,”
by Colin Powell
Inspirational book on leadership from one of the best.
“By Invitation Only,” by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
The story of Gilt Group, which has changed the way millions shop for fashion.
“Private Games,” by James Patterson
A favorite author of mine, I am looking forward to this new release which is set at the 2012 London Olympics.