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The Tennessee Titans have signed a 10-year deal with ANC Sports Enterprises tied to the installation of the NFL’s second-largest video screens at LP Field.

The two high-definition end zone boards both measure 157 feet wide and 54 feet high, the NFL’s second-biggest screens behind Cowboys Stadium’s center-hung unit. They will be in operation by Aug. 23, the Titans’ first preseason home game against Arizona on ESPN.

A photo rendering shows one of the new boards, which will be the second-biggest in the NFL.
Photo by: ANC SPORTS
The two boards are the first 16-millimeter, surface-mount diode displays in the NFL, according to ANC Sports officials. The technology, called SMD, is the latest evolution in LED lighting, said Chris Mascatello, ANC’s executive vice president of technology.

The Titans’ partnership with ANC Sports, a video software supplier, covers the boards’ operation and maintenance, content creation and consulting on display use.

The two groups are working together to develop game-day presentations connected to more than 24,000 square feet of LED display space. The two main screens are linked to more than 1,300 linear feet of 20-millimeter LED fascia boards.

About 680 linear feet of digital signs between the stadium’s two suite levels will show game-day stats, fantasy football information, team animations and sponsor messages.

The video upgrades fall in line with the NFL’s push to keep fans at the games informed on player performances across the league to compete against the home viewing experience, said Don MacLachlan, the Titans’ executive vice president of administration and facilities.

ANC Sports won the job after a competitive bid process. Daktronics produced the stadium’s original end zone boards. The difference was ANC Sports recognized an opportunity to develop LP Field as a “showcase facility” for its latest products, MacLachlan said.

“We did our due diligence and thought it was best to partner with ANC,” he said. “We have a lot of other events in the stadium with the Music City Bowl, soccer and concerts.”

ANC Sports, an upstate New York company, will brand the hardware for the Titans project and oversee production at the factory in China, something new for the company. Japanese scoreboard manufacturer Mitsubishi Electronics has been ANC’s primary supplier in recent years.

ANC Sports continues to partner with Mitsubishi on other deals, and together they have a big project in development for a big league arena, Mascatello said. He refused to identify the team and the facility.

A $2 ticket tax for all stadium events will fund the total cost of a $26.8 million project that includes a new 800-speaker distributed sound system and 12 new elevators in the south end zone to take fans from ground level to the upper deck.