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Volume 21 No. 2

Research and Ratings

The market is up, Europe’s financial woes seem in check — at least for the moment — and retail spending continues to be a strong mark in the U.S. economy. Such economic indicators aren’t lost on the sports industry, as new data released by Turnkey Sports & Entertainment for January shows more executive confidence than any time in the last four years, since January 2008, prior to the recession.

The “Industry Outlook” metric is compiled each month when Turnkey Sports & Entertainment surveys more than 1,200 senior-level sports executives about their confidence level regarding the next 12 months.

“The economy has rebounded; the sports industry has weathered labor turmoil; ratings are high, TV deals continue to escalate, players are signing big contracts; and corporations are gravitating back to sports marketing,” said Len Perna, president and CEO of Turnkey.

“The flow of money in the sports business has everyone abuzz. And on the horizon, there’s no obvious barrier to continued growth.”

— Staff Report