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Best of the rest, Reader Survey 2011

Golf tour best positioned for growth

PGA Tour 48.6%
European Tour 20.3%
LPGA 12.9%
Champions Tour 9.3%
Asian Tour 8.9%

Respondents: 1,024

Most progressive tennis property

ATP 29.3%
USTA 24.4%
WTA 10.1%

Respondents: 1,036

Biggest challenge facing professional tennis

Creating more interest outside the Grand Slams 45.5%
Developing more widely known stars 37.9%
Television ratings 9.7%
International growth 2.0%
Sponsorship sales 1.6%

Respondents: 1,055

The biggest benefit of MTV’s sale of Alli Sports, the organization behind the Dew Tour, to Comcast NBC will be

More programming of the tour as it begins to be shown on Comcast-owned Versus and regional sports networks 46.0%
More focus and strategic direction for the tour 20.5%
Improved website and digital content for the tour 6.1%

Respondents: 999

Grade the leadership of Chairman Larry Probst and CEO Scott Blackmun at the USOC

A 10.2%
B 42.1%
C 35.5%
D 8.7%
F 3.5%

Respondents: 998


Biggest challenge facing professional golf

Tiger Woods not returning to winning form 41.7%
Developing young stars 27.7%
TV ratings 12.4%
Convincing top players to enter more tournaments 11.7%
Managing international growth 4.7%

Respondents: 1,071

If you represented a brand, which of the following global properties would you most want to be associated with?

FIFA World Cup 52.3%
Summer Olympics 36.1%
Winter Olympics 11.6%

Respondents: 1,080

Will have the biggest impact on the growth of the X Games brand

Creating a bid process to host international X Games 48.7%
The availability of X Games content on ESPN3 and WatchESPN 34.7%
Travis Pastrana’s planned move to NASCAR 16.6%

Respondents: 818

In paying $4.38 billion for Olympic rights, Comcast

Overpaid 62.2%
Got a fair deal 32.7%
Got a bargain 5.1%

Respondents: 1,061

Growth potential for action sports

Still has room for growth 56.3%
Has already peaked 31.7%
On the decline 7.8%

Respondents: 1,068