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What I Like: David Butler, CEO, Paciolan


What I Like …

An insight:  Focus on the customer’s success, and everything else works out.

An influential person in my career: My father, who showed me there is no substitute for hard work and integrity.

An out-of-the-box idea: The NHL’s Winter Classic. It has created a fantastic new platform to attract fans to the game.

A timeless idea: Do the right thing.

CEO, Paciolan

Where I'm From: Born and raised in L.A., and for the past 26 years living in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Where I Went to School: University of California, Irvine, and California State University, Fullerton, with a B.A. in finance.

My First Job: At 14, I stocked shelves after school in a small liquor store in Long Beach, Calif.

A pro league or team business initiative: The University of Texas has done an amazing job innovating in college athletics. They think strategically and execute extremely well as a team.

A business deal: The NFL signing a long-term contract with the players where both sides win.

A strategy: Focus on long-term success by building lifetime customer relationships.

A hire: Bringing back Steve Jobs changed Apple forever and made it the most valuable company in America.

A trend: Internet access on airplanes. What a great improvement in staying connected while traveling.

A brand: Apple, who really understands the customer and makes everything so intuitive and easy.

An innovation: Using social media to engage fans daily in communicating about their favorite team, and in the process allowing them to share their passion with their friends.

A sports event: Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, where the Saints completed their amazing year by bringing the people of New Orleans a much-needed boost with a championship.

A story that bears watching: How the fan experience changes with mobile everywhere, including in the stadium or arena.

An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: The iPad. It’s just amazing in every way.

A fantasy job: Starting pitcher for my Los Angeles Dodgers.

A sports facility: Cowboys Stadium is unmatched for experiencing a game, and the HD screen really is amazing.

What I Like About …

Sports: There is nothing like the excitement of being at the game.

Sports media: When you get a new insight into your favorite team or players that brings you closer to the game.

Sports technology: When it comes together to enhance the overall fan experience.

Competing: There is nothing like the excitement of doing your best and winning.

The future of sports business: Fans continue to want more access, more information and a more personal involvement, and that passion is a great sign for our industry.

Sports fans: How a shared passion can bring so many different people together for a common goal.

What I Would Like To …

Change: The negative tone that sometimes overwhelms public discussions on key issues.

Change in what I do: Spend more time with customers talking about what they want to accomplish.

See: The Winter Classic in Philadelphia.

See more of in sports: The sportsmanship from the Stanley Cup Final, where the teams shake hands on the ice after the battle is over.

See more of in sports business: Partnerships that enhance the fan experience.

See less of in sports: Trash talking.

See less of in sports business: Labor issues dominating sports story lines.

Eliminate: Phones and BlackBerrys used in meetings.

What I Don’t Like ...

Pet peeve: People coming late for meetings.

In sports: Rules that slow down the flow of the game.

In business: People who aren’t honest and straightforward.


What I Like …

That would surprise those who know me: Off-roading in the High Sierras.

About myself: I always try to make things right.

Hero: Pat Tillman.

Players: Matt Kemp, Bobby Ryan.

Teams: Flyers, Dodgers, Ducks and Lakers.

Possession: My iPhone, because it is amazing how many things it does so easily.

Memento: Seatback from Dodger Stadium signed by World Series-winning team.

Book: “Mammoth: The Sierra Legend,” by Martin Forstenzer.

Authors: John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer.

Chores: Working on the house.

Hobbies: Surfing, snowboarding, golf and fishing.

Trip: Ireland with the family.

Vacation spots: Mammoth Lakes, Cabo and St. Barth’s.

IPad app: Star Walk: You point your iPad at the night sky, and it shows you all the constellations.

TV: “Monday Night Football.”

Concert: Jimmy Buffett, because it’s more of a party than a concert.

Artist: Monet. It just transports you to a different place and time.

Movies: “The Blues Brothers,” “Miracle on Ice.”

Food: My wife’s chicken marsala.

Dessert: Chocolate bread pudding.

Drink: Pahlmeyer’s Red Cabernet.

Scent: The smell of the ocean.

Car: My BMW convertible.

Singers: Zac Brown, Jackson Browne, Jennifer Nettles.

Quote: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”