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Summer Jobs

As summer heats up we ask industry executives:
What’s the most memorable summertime job you had during your high school and college years, and why?

Responses edited for clarity and brevity

Justin Johnson
SVP, corporate partnerships
New York Islanders

At 13, I became the first dishwasher for Junior’s pizzeria in Huntington, N.Y. At the age of 13, all I cared about was arcade games, playing sports and eating food. Junior’s was my nirvana. The owners explained that I could play all the Mr. Do! I wanted on the house [and] all food was free while I was working, and we talked sports every day while I cleaned the dishes to a glistening shine. Even more, they paid me $5 per hour. At 13, there wasn’t a better job around. I worked harder than I ever expected with a sense of pride growing each time I departed for home with the kitchen cleaner than it was the day before. Translating that experience into every job I’ve held since, I’ve employed that same work ethic while being fortunate to enjoy every day’s work load. I’ll always be thankful for that summer and learning how to approach a job.”

• • • • • • • •

Terry Angstadt
President, commercial division

“The jobs ranged from lifeguarding to construction work, but probably the most memorable was during college I was the recreation director at the inn of the Fourwinds, a small little resort on Lake Monroe outside of Bloomington, Ind. I stayed in my fraternity house during the summer and worked full time at the resort. The job was taking guests on horseback rides, sailboat rides and giving tennis lessons. [It] definitely helped me land my first job selling tennis equipment at Wilson Sporting Goods. A fun and memorable summer job while attending Indiana University.”

• • • • • • • •

John Rowady

“One of my favorite summer jobs during high school and college was working for Kean’s Marina in Detroit, located right on the Detroit River. The marina, which has been operating since 1931, is situated near the U.S./Canadian border at the base of Lake St. Clair. It was the perfect job for someone that loved being on the water and also offered the opportunity to meet all types of people from around the world. Furthermore, the location offered a truly unique vantage point to all of the incredible events held throughout the summer on the Detroit River.”

— Compiled by Molly Hogan