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Pat O'Conner, president, Minor League Baseball


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What I Like …

An insight: Never be outworked.

An influential person in my career: Glenn Hayes, who owned/operated Hayes Concessions at horse racing tracks in the Columbus area. I worked for him during summer breaks in high school and college, and he became a mentor and close friend.

An out-of-the-box idea: Totally paperless society.

A timeless idea: The customer is always right.

A business deal: Win-win-win.

A sports facility: One that covers every angle … fans, sponsors, participants

A sports event: The perfection of 27 outs a side.

A strategy: Forethought, planning and execution.

A hire: Chemistry with the existing staff and a high upside potential.

A trend: More than a blip on the screen.

An innovation: Cutting edge with longevity.

A pro league or team business initiative: Diversity from a business perspective.

A story that bears watching: The economics of sport.

An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: Post-it note pads and Wite-Out.

A fantasy job: Commissioner of a major league sports property.

What I Like About

My job: The ability to make a difference.

Sports: The competition.

Sports business: The volatility.

Sports media: Its aggressive and passionate nature.

Sports technology: Geared toward the fan.

Sports fans: Passion and loyalty.

What I Would Like To …

Change: Racism in America.

Change in what I do: Not be so anal.

See: Less greed.

See more of in sports: Genuine appreciation for the fans.

See less of in sports: Less “me” and more “we.”

See less of in sports business: Greed.

Eliminate: November baseball.

What I Don’t Like

In general: Cynicism.

Pet peeve: Mistakes created by a lack of preparation or effort.

In sports: Unnecessary showmanship.

In business: Lack of ethics or honesty.

About sports fans: Overly zealous behavior.


What I Like …

People: Genuine.

That would surprise those who know me: My insecurities.

Above all else: Family and friends.

About myself: My heart.

Heroes: Military, first responders, police.

Players: Bagwell, Biggio and Guillen.

Teams: Those that commit to excellence.

Possession: Umatilla (those who know me know where/what that is).

Memento: Not a collector of material things, but I have a small collection of personal photos.

Time of year: Spring … hope springs eternal.

Music: ’70s and ’80s and country.

Magazine: Baseball America.

Gadget: I do not do gadgets.

iPad app: Do not own one (yet).

Chore: Mowing.

Hobby: I do not do hobbies … I used to fish.

Trip: My next one.

Movies: “Goodfellas,” “High Plains Drifter,” “Major League.”

TV: “Seinfeld,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “The King of Queens.”

Concert: Anything Buffett

Artist: Van Arsdale in Marriott hotels.

Food: Yes.

Dessert: Fruit with whipped cream or carrot cake.

Drink: Diet Pepsi.

Scent: Fresh baked bread.

Vacation spot: I do not really do vacations.

Car: Cadillac DST.

Aftershave: Obsession.

Singers: Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson.

Quote: “It is better to have character than be one.”

Anything to add? Life is a journey, not a destination.