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Volume 21 No. 2
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What I Like: Jim Haworth, CEO, Professional Bull Riders


What I Like …

AN INSIGHT: Always look for light in the darkness. Also, be aware of the darkness in the light. — Chairman of CP Group.

AN INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN MY CAREER: My grandfather, who owned and ran the largest appliance dealership in central Missouri until he was 92.

AN OUT-OF-THE-BOX IDEA: Cut most meetings short and make a decision.

A TIMELESS IDEA: Listen to the customers, which, in our case, would be the fans.

A BUSINESS DEAL: I worked with a consortium of banks in Thailand to help bring foreign currency into China.

A SPORTS FACILITY: Cowboys Stadium (What a TV set!).

A STRATEGY: Hire people who are passionate about their jobs.

A HIRE: People with charisma, but it’s important to make sure they know how to listen, too.

A BRAND: The iconic image of the cowboy has withstood the test of time. It’s an iconography that represents integrity and toughness.

A TREND: People want to be inspired.

AN INNOVATION: iPad, iTunes.

A PRO LEAGUE OR TEAM BUSINESS INITIATIVE: You need to maintain the competition, but it’s also important to understand that it’s about entertainment.

A STORY THAT BEARS WATCHING: The growth of the Chinese economy.

What I Like About …

MY JOB: I’ve loved the western lifestyle since I was a boy.

SPORTS: Seeing an athlete accomplish great things in the face of adversity.

SPORTS MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY: It has truly become a global environment, where we have access to any story that interests us from anywhere in the world. For example, one living in China can watch the Premier League being broadcast in the U.K., which is being beamed through a station in South Africa and back to China.

COMPETING: I like to win!

THE FUTURE (OR DIRECTION) OF SPORTS BUSINESS: As technology continues to evolve, sports properties will have the ability to capture more and more of consumers’ behaviors, such as purchasing habits, interests, Web searches, etc.

What I Would Like To …

SEE: PBR in every home.

SEE MORE OF IN SPORTS: Sportsmanship.

SEE MORE OF IN SPORTS BUSINESS: Listening to the fans.

SEE LESS OF IN SPORTS BUSINESS: You have to make a profit, but keep the greater good of the sport in mind.

CHANGE IN WHAT I DO: I am very structured in my thought process and I would like to be more abstract.

CHANGE: Have a world without boundaries.

What I Don't Like …

IN GENERAL: People who say something but don’t mean it.

PET PEEVE: Inconsistent speed limits.

IN SPORTS: Athletes who don’t support one another.

IN BUSINESS: People who are afraid to fail.


What I Like …

THAT WOULD SURPRISE THOSE WHO KNOW ME: The Wicked Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” scares me.

ABOVE ALL ELSE: Remember family, friends and faith.

ABOUT MYSELF: Ability to stay calm under pressure.

HEROES: My mother, father and grandfather.

PLAYER: Muhammad Ali.

TEAM: University of Central Missouri Jennies.

CITY: Shanghai.

POSSESSION: Don’t hold things too tight — they’re not that important.

MEMENTO: Family memories of the life we’ve lived.

TIME OF YEAR (BECAUSE): Fall. I love watching the trees and leaves change in the Ozarks.

BOOKS: Self-help books; “The Purpose Driven Life,” by Rick Warren; “King of the Cowboys,” by Ty Murray.

AUTHOR: Joe Posnanski.

MAGAZINES: Men’s Fitness, Robb Report, Cowboys & Indians, Forbes.

CHORES: Washing car, grilling, feeding horses.

HOBBIES: Hunting, working out, horses and family.

TRIP: St. Lucia.

MOVIE: “The Outlaw Josey Wales.”

TV: CNBC, RFD-TV, Versus.

CONCERT: A private Toby Keith concert with 500 of my closest friends.

ARTISTS: Thomas Moran and Tim Cox.

DESSERT: Sweet potato casserole with a scoop of ice cream from Ruth’s Chris.

DRINK: Diet Pepsi.

VACATION SPOT: My ranch in Oklahoma.

CAR: F-350 Dually.

SINGERS: Jason Aldean and George Strait.

QUOTE: Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club: “We need mavericks to balance out the common point of view. Swim upstream … challenge the assumption that the usual is the best.”