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MLB Turnstile Tracker


Home teamDatesTotalAvg.%cap.PreviousChangeDates
Arizona Diamondbacks9213,39023,71048.8%25,121-5.6%648,02715,74616
Atlanta Braves8237,10229,63859.8%33,922-12.6%651,33113,86513
Baltimore Orioles6141,52523,58851.3%20,941+12.6%646,59311,64814
Boston Red Sox9337,60537,512100.9%37,488+0.1%637,91637,01590
Chicago Cubs7230,19732,88579.9%39,361-16.5%641,35826,29210
Chicago White Sox10228,00322,80056.1%25,398-10.2%638,57916,52314
Cincinnati Reds10247,33624,73458.4%27,112-8.8%642,39811,82124
Cleveland Indians9129,51914,39133.1%16,033-10.2%641,7218,72618
Colorado Rockies8280,71835,09069.5%33,798+3.8%649,37422,59512
Detroit Tigers6167,45227,90967.6%26,860+3.9%644,79918,72411
Florida Marlins6127,67121,27955.2%18,976+12.1%741,23710,48214
Houston Astros10248,24624,82560.6%30,120-17.6%641,04220,04512
Kansas City Royals11187,27017,02544.9%23,229-26.7%640,0558,81118
Los Angeles Angels6238,33339,72287.5%41,306-3.8%743,85331,04940
Los Angeles Dodgers9350,45438,93969.5%47,467-18.0%656,00027,43921
Milwaukee Brewers7232,18033,16979.2%38,049-12.8%646,01723,42020
Minnesota Twins5193,57438,71598.0%38,382+0.9%640,71436,28650
New York Mets6184,42930,73873.5%33,477-8.2%641,07524,86510
New York Yankees11458,54141,68682.8%44,603-6.5%648,22640,26710
Oakland Athletics7139,15419,87956.7%16,321+21.8%836,06711,12914
Philadelphia Phillies9409,16845,463104.2%45,057+0.9%645,71645,06190
Pittsburgh Pirates6131,12421,85457.0%22,209-1.6%639,2198,75513
San Diego Padres8228,92628,61667.0%27,126+5.5%643,14617,05723
San Francisco Giants6250,77241,79599.7%34,509+21.1%642,09240,87060
Seattle Mariners7150,90121,55745.4%30,338-28.9%645,72712,40715
St. Louis Cardinals6221,94736,99184.1%40,332-8.3%646,36832,00710
Tampa Bay Rays10174,91317,49151.3%27,125-35.5%634,07810,04216
Texas Rangers7269,24738,46478.2%27,812+38.3%650,14625,04930
Toronto Blue Jays6152,97225,49551.8%18,008+41.6%747,98411,07713
Washington Nationals8178,67222,33453.8%23,907-6.6%639,05513,41313
(a) The Penguins played in new Consol Energy Center this season having relocated from Mellon Arena after the 2009-10 season.
Note: Attendance figures for the Bridgestone Winter Classic, Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic and European Premiere Series games have been replaced with the home team's capacity.


New York Yankees 458,541
Philadelphia Phillies 409,168
Los Angeles Dodgers 350,454
AverAge Per gAMe
Philadelphia Phillies 45,463
San Francisco Giants41,795
New York Yankees 41,686
Philadelphia Phillies 104.20%
Boston Red Sox 100.90%
San Francisco Giants 99.70%
Toronto Blue Jays 41.60%
Texas Rangers 38.30%
Oakland Athletics 21.80%
Tampa Bay Rays-35.50%
Seattle Mariners -28.90%
Kansas City Royals -26.70%
% CAPACiTy Of 90%+
Boston Red Sox 9
Philadelphia Phillies 9
San Francisco Giants 6
% CAPACiTy Of 50%-
Cleveland Indians 8
Kansas City Royals 8
Arizona Diamondbacks 6
Tampa Bay Rays6
% cap.: Total as a percentage of seats available at home games. Previous: Last season's average on same date. Change: Difference between current average and last season's average. Max.: Highest single-game count for current season. Min.: Lowest single-game count for current season. 90%+: Number of current-season games with total being at least 90 percent of available seats. 50%-: Number of current-season games with total being less than 50 percent of available seats.
Notes: Teams can exceed 100% capacity because of standing-room-only ticket sales. Data based on totals posted immediately following games. It may not reflect any subsequent adjustments made by teams and the league.
Compiled by: Brandon McClung