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Volume 7 No. 109


KBS 1TV and KBS 2TV were scheduled to cover the Paralympics for seven and 18 hours, respectively.

South Korean state-run broadcaster KBS "decided to extend its broadcast duration of Paralympic programs to 34 hours," according to Cho Yun-myung of the KOREA HERALD. According to South Korean daily Joongang Ilbo, KBS added nine hours of Paralympic programs to its broadcast schedule "in response to criticism of local TV networks' lack of interest in the Paralympic Winter Games." KBS' two channels, KBS 1TV and KBS 2TV, were previously scheduled to air Paralympics-related programs for a total of seven and 18 hours, respectively, over 10 days. The TV network acknowledged that it "had not shown enough consideration as a public broadcasting station," a KBS official said (KOREA HERALD, 3/12). KBS reported South Korea President Moon Jae-in "called for more public attention on the ongoing" Paralympics. He said that the Winter Olympics will be "declared a genuine success" only if the Pyeongchang Paralympics succeed, adding that "a successful Paralympics will help create a beautiful world where people with and without disabilities live harmoniously." Quoting South Korean cross-country skier Sin Eui-hyun, Moon also "directed his officials to review whether it is possible to increase local media coverage of the Paralympics" (KBS, 3/12).