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DOSB To Highlight Past Sporting Events Prior To Referendum On Hamburg's Olympic Bid

The German Olympic Committee (DOSB) will highlight the country's history of staging sporting events prior to a public referendum on Hamburg's potential Olympic bid. A recent survey, which was conducted on behalf of the DOSB, found that 63% of Hamburg's residents are in favor of an Olympic bid. The figure has boosted the hopes of organizers ahead of the referendum, which is scheduled for Nov. 29. "We are very confident with regard to the referendum," said Alfons Hörmann, president of the DOSB. The last time Germany considered hosting Olympic Games, residents in Munich voted against a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. However, circumstances have changed and the DOSB has a different approach. "On the one hand we are very transparent and tell the people all about the costs of possible Olympic Games," Hörmann said. "On the other hand we remind them of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany or the 1972 Games in Munich, which had a very positive effect on the development of the region around Munich and the sport in general in Germany." Hamburg bid organizers were expected to release an initial cost estimate for the Games in mid-September. There currently is only an estimate of €2.1B ($2.3B) for venue development.

Thomas Bach
AGENDA 2020: Munich's failure was largely blamed on the IOC's lack of transparency and greed for profit. It was particularly those two issues that IOC President Thomas Bach tackled in his "Agenda 2020" reforms, which were adopted last year. Hörmann applauded his predecessor for the implementation of the reforms, calling it a “great achievement.” He is also sure that having a German as head of the IOC “has no influence” on the country’s candidature. Aside from public support, Hamburg’s candidacy is also facing another challenge from the German Football Federation (DFB). The DFB publicly announced its intention of hosting UEFA Euro 2024, which would take place only shortly before potential Games. While hosting Olympics and European Championships in the same country during the same year has never been done before, Hörmann does not think it will impact Hamburg's chances. “We are sure that both events are possible in one year,” he said.

Proposed ballot for the referendum regarding Hamburg's Olympic bid.