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Volume 10 No. 22


German pay-TV channel Sky Deutschland "obtained its best ratings since June for the broadcast of Saturday's Bundesliga late game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund," according to Manuel Weis of QUOTENMETER. The game, which started at 6:30pm, attracted an average of 1.27 million viewers. The number translated into a market share of 6%. In the target demographic 14-49, Dortmund's 3-0 win was watched by 630,000 viewers and had a market share of 9.5%. German public broadcaster ARD attracted 4.66 million viewers to its Bundesliga highlights show "Sportschau" starting at 6:30pm. It was the show's "lowest rating since matchweek 21 in mid-February." The show obtained a market share of 23.8% including 16.4% in the target demographic. The first free-TV images of the Munich-Dortmund matchup aired on German public broadcast ZDF after 11pm. The show obtained a 16.4% market share as an average of 2.75 million viewers tuned in (QUOTENMETER, 4/13). DWDL's Marcel Pohlig reported Sky attracted 1.04 million viewers to its Bundesliga simulcast or one of its five individual game feeds starting at 3:30pm on Saturday. The number equaled a market share of 10%. In the target demographic, Sky obtained a share of 11.3% as 460,000 viewers tuned in (DWDL, 4/13).

German pay-TV channel Sky Deutschland CEO Brian Sullivan "has been criticized by company shareholders over his salary" of more than €6M ($8.3M) in '13, according to Petra Schwegler of W&V. During the company's shareholder meeting on Thursday, shareholders said that "this salary does not fit the company's economic situation." Sullivan "is earning too much, also in comparison to other CEOs." Sky's supervisory board "defended Sullivan's salary." Board member Markus Tellenbach said that Sullivan "has significally contributed to the company's positive development." During the previous year, Sky "increased its subscriber base to more than 3.6 million and for the first time made an operating profit." The pay-TV network "is currently in negotiations with Sullivan about a contract extension" (W&V, 4/10).

Sky "will remain as the only U.K. broadcaster" to cover all four days of The Masters, according to Nigel Adie of CABLE. Sky "has sealed a new multi-year deal" with the Augusta National Golf Course to continue showing live coverage of The Masters. Taking effect in '15, the agreement means the pay-TV company will remain the only U.K. broadcaster "to offer all the action from the first Major of the golf season." Sky will show the pre-tournament Par 3 Contest "and will also offer extra content via the red button, plus highlights each morning" on the dedicated Masters Breakfast program. Sky Sports "was first awarded the rights to the Masters in 2011 and has provided live coverage of the full event ever since" (CABLE, 4/11).