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Twitter Me This...

Reuters' KAROLOS GROHMANN: "Wasn't it Prince Albert who had persisted with questions on snow-making machines, warm weather at @Sochi2014 in Guatemala in 2007? #olympics"

Payne Sports Media Strategies CEO & Chair MICHAEL PAYNE: found way to win hearts & minds of cynical int media corps. Provide chocolate biscuits in media room -now available at ice Hockey"

Sky News' PAUL KELSO: "To see what effort looks like, see cross-country skiers as they cross line. They look as spent as rowers, only more so"

The AP's STEVE WILSON: "Keshavan: `When the Indian flag doesn't fly, people know that it's because of corruption and it's not a nice image for the country.' #Sochi"

ESPN's DERMOT CORRIGAN: "Plenty of problems in La Liga, not quite sure asking well-paid players to pretend they're hurt by fans watching games online gonna solve em."

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