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Volume 10 No. 25
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Twitter Me This...

London Times' KEVIN EASON: "Hmmmm, appears we have lost Kimi. Anyone seen him? At an airport? On plane? in a bar?"

Sydney Morning Herald's DOMINIC BOSSI: "I was looking through my cupboard and counted 19 football jerseys. Is this normal?" ... "The worrying thing about that is that I know there are more in the wash, others at my family's place and more that I want to buy. #cray"

Footballer ROLANDO SCHIAVI: "Finalll, llego el fin de mi carrera, contento, feliz, agradecido por todo el cariño recibido, ahora a disfrutar desde otro lado , gracias" ("Finally, the end of my career arrives, content, happy and thankful for all the love I have received, now to enjoy it from the other side, thanks")

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