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Volume 10 No. 25


BT "is bringing in inflation-busting price rises" after its £1B ($1.6B)-plus move into sports TV to take on the likes of Sky Sports, according to Peter Campbell of the London DAILY MAIL. The telecom company's 10 million customers "will see their monthly packages increase" by up to 6.5% from Jan. 4. A company spokesperson said, "Every customer will be affected by this." BT said, "These price changes are not linked to the launch of BT Sport. We revise our prices every year in what is an intensely competitive market and whilst some go up, others come down" (DAILY MAIL, 9/28). In London, Steve Hawkes wrote a BT spokesperson justified the increases by explaining that BT was investing in "sport and superfast broadband." BT insisted earlier this summer that BT Sport would be "free of charge" to existing BT broadband customers. So far around a million "have opted to receive the sports channels" (TELEGRAPH, 9/27).

German pay-TV channel Sky "set a new season ratings record with its Bundesliga simulcast on Saturday afternoon," according to Alexander Krei of DWDL. A total of 1.27 million viewers tuned in to watch Sky's simulcast or one of the five individual game feeds starting at 3:30pm German time. The number translated into a market share of 12%. In the target demographic 14-49, Sky attracted 680,000 viewers to its broadcasts. The number equaled a 16% share. In addition, Saturday's top game between Frankfurt and Hamburg, which started at 6:30pm, was watched by 530,000 viewers. In the target demographic, the 2-2 draw obtained a 3% market share (DWDL, 9/29).

DWDL's Krei also reported German public broadcaster ARD "recorded top ratings with its 'Sportschau' Bundesliga highlight show on Saturday evening." The show attracted a total of 5.19 million viewers and had a 26.6% market share. In the target demographic, ARD's Sportschau program obtained a 26.6% share (DWDL, 9/29).